Belgium Slashing Weekly Online Casino Deposit Limit by 60 Percent

Belgium online casino players will soon face stricter limits on how much they can deposit weekly into their eye-gaming account.

The Belgium cabinet recently signed a royal decree lowering the ceiling on the state deposit of the Internet gambling platform from 500 euros (591 dollars) to 200 euros (237 dollars). The proposal envisages a 60% reduction in deposits.

These efforts are being followed by Justice Secretary Vincent van Quikenborne. With the support of the Minister’s Council, the measure will now be forwarded to the national data protection authorities for review. Once the agency has determined that the applicable laws do not violate the privacy regulations, the iGaming Deposit threshold will be forwarded to the Belgian Ministry of State for final approval.

Efforts in Western European countries, the amount they can deposit weekly for gambling purposes online, began to significantly reduce, during the COVID-19 previous royal decree, to deposit 500 euros into their account each week.

Gambling has never been the solution to a problem, but the current situation shows that people spend more time on the Internet, especially on playgrounds,” the Belgian Gaming Council (BGC) said in a statement advocating changes in deposits. Besides, a lot of people lose their social control because they’re home alone.”

The BGC says protecting the players is one of the most important tasks. Gaming regulators added that gambling is different from most other companies because they don’t offer physical products except the possibility that they’ll be able to make a profit.

“Gambling can lead to gambling and significant losses. For this reason, several protective measures have been taken to protect the players from these potential dangers,” the BGC said.

Multiple Accounts Allowed

The Royal Decree, which reduces the weekly limit on iGaming deposits, is not as extreme as some of the previous suggestions were that it should be reduced to €200 a week, but for all Internet game websites. The decrees passed by the Ministerial Council limit bail to a certain location every week. This means that players can make several €200 deposits on different platforms.

Currently, more than 40 online casino operators have iGaming licenses issued by the BGC. Online deposit limits don’t apply to casinos on the floor either. There are nine offline casinos in Belgium.

However, the law allows the operator to refuse deposits when it is known that a player has an outstanding debt in another online casino. The measure also allows the Gaming Commission to monitor iGaming investment activities in cooperation with the Belgian National Bank, which may require further examination.

Betting Shop Crackdown

This week the Council of Ministers has passed two statutes concerning the country’s gaming industry. The second recommendation is the inclusion of competition in the Belgian Exclusive Information System (EPS). The list of people who are denied access to the casinos and online casinos will be placed by themselves and by operators who place people in prohibited indexes.

Operators currently offering sports betting and fixed Odds betting terminals cannot refuse epic lists. If this proposal is accepted, the operators must comply with the EPS program.

Since 2004, Belgium has had an information system for excluded persons, an electronic system that binds all excluded actors. This is undoubtedly a very powerful tool in the fight against gambling,” says the BGC about the program.

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