Kangwon invites owner Kim Jin-tae to visit ‘Kangwon World Forest Expo’… ‘Become one’ ahead of finals

Gangwon FC (hereinafter referred to as “Gangwon”) took a moment to unite its players and employees ahead of the final round.

On the 12th, the players and staff visited the ‘Gangwon World Forest Expo’ in Goseong-gun at the invitation of 토토사이트 Gangwon owner Kim Jin-tae. The players and staff visited the venue, including the Blue Earth Pavilion and the Pine Cone Observatory, and spent time relaxing and experiencing forest healing programs. They also exchanged greetings with visitors to the event.

Kim Byung-ji, CEO of Gangwon, said, “It’s so refreshing to visit the Gangwon World Forest Expo, where you can see the forests of Gangwon Province at a glance. Before the start of the final round, everyone on the team had a chance to reorganize themselves with the good energy of nature. We will continue to work as one with the team for the rest of the matches like today,” he said.

Owner Kim Jin-tae, who is the chairman of the Forest Expo organizing committee, said, “Thank you to the players for doing their best in the regular season. I wanted to present the team with a break in the forest because they have been running without a break this season. They can play well when they are well rested, so I hope that today will be a time to put down all the pressure and burdens and relax with the scenery of the East Sea and Seoraksan Mountain. I will cheer with the people of the island until the last match of the final round,” he said.

Gangwon will play their Hana One Q K League 1 2023 35R home match against Jeju United at the Gangneung Sports Complex in Gangneung, South Korea, at 4:30 p.m. on April 28.

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