Former Professional Billiards Queen I Should Buy my Dad a Gift with my Winnings.

I met Choi Hye-mi (29, Welcome Savings Bank, photo), winner of the NH Nonghyup Card Women’s Professional Billiards (LPBA) Championship (total prize money of 91.6 million won)

at the World Billiards Hall in Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 14th. 

He explained why she started playing billiards: She said, “She left Suwon for a ‘honey part-time job’ and started working at a billiards hall in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province. 

While I was working hard and learning how to clean a pool table, a customer asked me to play pool with them. 

Then I made a bet, but of course I lost. When she was receiving 1.5 million won a month, she lost that money and learned by losing it. 

When I think about it, my skills only improve when I invest money.”

Choi Hye-mi spent 12 hours at a time at the billiard room under the pretext of work. “It was fun. 

When I lay down, billiard balls bounced back and forth from the ceiling. 

He came to work before his boss and left work later. 

I started playing billiards and started participating in club activities.”

For Choi Hye-mi, billiards was bound to be fun. 

Choi Hye-mi, who had been exercising since childhood, ended her relationship with the movement because she could not overcome the violence. 

She has been learning judo since she was in middle school,” she said. 

After she entered high school, she was treated unreasonably in a coercive atmosphere, and eventually she couldn’t bear it and quit. 온라인카지노

She also played badminton in elementary school.

I only found out now that her father wanted me to become a badminton player.

I guess it was because her father liked it so much that he became the president of a badminton club in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.”

Hyemi Choi, who enjoyed playing billiards, had an opportunity in 2019. At this time, Hye-mi Choi participated in the LPBA Open Challenge and entered second place on average after Boram Choi (38), making her professional debut.

 Choi Hye-mi, who enjoyed playing billiards, was on a roll, rising to 25th place in her average ranking in the 2019-2020 season. 

But as time passed, she seemed to see her limits. She won her last competition last season, the Crown Haitai LPBA Championships, where she finished only 65th, and her Choi Hye-mi’s average ranking that year fell to 66th. 

Eventually, her team, Huons, notified Choi Hye-mi of her release.

“She was a little disappointed, but it was to be expected,” she said. 

She hit it so bad. She tried to leave without any regrets. 

She was worried about what she was going to do and was looking for a part-time job at a billiards hall with the highest hourly wage.”

It was Welcome Savings Bank that reached out to Choi Hye-mi. Welcome Savings Bank, which was coveting Hye-mi Choi, did not spare support for Hye-mi Choi.

“I was so happy to hear from her,” she said. 

She made me feel so comfortable that I was completely unfamiliar with it. It is basic to have a psychological coach as well as lessons. 

Even Chairman Son Jong-ju often comes to the stadium to support her, so I can’t tell you how much help she gives me.”

In the end, Choi Hye-mi revealed her true worth. She played on the 8th at the KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang, where she won the NH Nonghyup Card LPBA Championship and won 30 million won in prize money. 

She is the first winner from the club and this achievement was achieved immediately after her release. 

In addition, she also created the record of being the first left-hander to take the top spot since her professional billiards launch.

“I don’t really feel like she won,” she said. I guess it’s because the prize money hasn’t arrived yet. 

Actually, I haven’t been in contact with her father for about 10 years. 

During the final, her father came to the stadium on the condition that he cheer quietly, but he started making too much noise in the first set. 

After losing the first set, she ended up getting annoyed at her father, and he felt sorry for her. 

When I received the prize money, I decided to buy my father a bag. 

My father wants a badminton bag, but I’m going to choose a bag that can be used in everyday life.”

According to the PBA, the winning prize money is deposited two weeks after the tournament. 

It appears that her father and daughter will have a happy shopping experience next week at the latest.

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