15 meters in 5 seconds…a real-life Spider-Man aims for Hangzhou

15 meters in 5 seconds…Hangzhou aims for real-life Spider-Man

Would you believe me if I told you I could climb to the seventh floor of an apartment building in five seconds? It’s speed climbing, the hottest sport in the world. Reporter Park Soo-joo went to the training center of the Korean national team that will compete at the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games.The sound of a bell signaling the start, and he’s up the wall in a flash.It’s almost Spider-Man-like and gravity-defyin It’s the “speed” event of sport climbing.You start on the ground, tap your touchpad on the top of a 15-meter-high rock wall, and your time is displayed.A fraction of a second can make the difference.As intense as the sport is, injuries are a given.From my fingers to my shins, I’ve gotten used to getting injured during training.”The friction surface of the wall is very rough, and when you climb fast, you don’t know where you’re going to hit, so knee injuries are very common.”The athletes are encouraging each other to win medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games.”I feel like everyone is so close and there’s a good atmosphere. I want to do my best and perform well. I want to take바카라사이트first place.”Four out of the six gold medals in the climbing event depend on speed, and the Olympics has decided to separate speed as a separate event from next year.”At first glance, it looks a bit simple, so I think the simplicity is the biggest attraction… I think the strength and agility to push and pull explosively, and the equilibrium of the body are the most important things.”The men are aiming for a time of 5 seconds and the women 6.5 seconds.Their fiercest rivals are Indonesia and China, where an Indonesian man recently set a world record of 4.98 seconds.Still, the athletes are full of confidence.”I think I can win a medal. I’m a little behind the record (now), but I think I have a strong performance, so I think it’s possible.”

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