Inkyu Choi, “Scrimmage and other aspects of bansheeing, my misjudgment”

Hanwha Life Esports suffered a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of Live Sandbox in Game 1 of Day 5 of the Spring Split of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) at Jonggak Roll Park on April 22. With the exception of Kim “Zeca” Gun-woo, the team was shaken and caught in the middle of a huge storm from Live Sandbox.

Speaking to the media after the loss, head coach In-kyu “Dandy” Choi admitted that both the bans and in-game performance were problematic. “I think we played an arrogant banpick today, and that’s why we lost the first set, and then we tried to change the composition in the second set, but I think it was a combination of our in-game performance that led to this result,” he explained.

Although they’ve only played two games, Hanwha Life Esports has already been labeled as a ‘Zeca one-man team’. In response, Choi said, “If you look at the competition, it’s not wrong. We have good results in scrimmages, and we have five players who can take turns carrying each other, but we haven’t been able to create such a structure in a banal way so far. Also, we haven’t been able to use our scrimmage performance to the fullest in the competition.”

When asked what he thought was the reason for the lack of scrimmage performance, Choi In-gyu said, “In scrimmage, we usually start with an early lead, but in the tournament, we couldn’t make such a ban pick. We didn’t do it strategically. I think that’s where the accident happened. I made a bad judgment. I think if you set up something similar to a scrim, it’s going to be similar,” he said.

“The way I interpret the meta right now, it’s a little harder to create big gaps in weight classes, and bot initiative is more important. It’s true that we started with a pick without initiative, which made the game difficult, and I don’t think we played as well as we did in Screams. It was a combination of issues. 카지노사이트 We’ll work on those things and get ready for the next game.”

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