A Captain saves NC with dramatic tying two-run shot

It feels better than any home run I’ve hit this season.

My primary goal is to play fall baseball.

‘Captain’ Son Ah-sub

who saved the NC Dinos from the brink of defeat with a dramatic tying two-run arch

shared his feelings.

Son Ah-sub started as the No. 1 hitter and right fielder in a home game against the Hanwha Eagles of the 17 Professional Baseball KBO League at Changwon NC Park on the 2023th.

After turning to the second baseman’s ground ball at the end of the first inning 스포츠토토

Son Ah-sub made his presence felt in earnest in the bottom of the second inning.

In the top of the first, he hit a 148-kilometer fastball from opposing starting pitcher Kim Seo-hyun and smashed an RBI single to right.

After catching his breath briefly in the bottom of the fourth and fifth innings with a fly to the shortstop and a straight hit to the shortstop


Son Ah-sub turned the bat sharply again in the bottom of the seventh.

With runners on first and second base in the second

Hanwha right-hander Jae-min Kang hit a five-pitch

140-kilometer fastball to left-center for a timely two-RBI double.

Above all

the moment when Son Ah-sub shone the brightest was in the bottom of the ninth inning when NC trailed 7-9. Entering the at-bat at first base in the first

he caught a three-pitch

134-kilometer fastball from opposing left-handed bullpen Jung Woo-ram and blasted a tiebreaking two-run shot over the left-field fence.

It was Son Ah-sub’s fifth sack of the season and a shot to save NC

which was in the thick of defeat.

His final performance was 3-for-6 with 3 hits

1 home run

5 RBIs and 1 run scored.

With the performance of Son Ah-seop and the help of Kim so-yoon

who struck out the winning run in the bottom of the 10th inning

NC was able to defeat Hanwha 10-9. With this


which ended its three-game losing streak, recorded 51 wins

2 draws

and 47 losses

firmly holding on to sole possession of fourth place.

Speaking after the game, Son Ah-sub said

It feels better than any home run I’ve hit this season. We’re in the middle of a losing streak

and we’ve had a lot of extended runs since last week.

It was very difficult for the whole squad as we continued to win by one point.

If I had won

I would have felt less tired

but as I kept losing

I was more tired, and the atmosphere was not good

he said

smiling broadly

Today was a really important game

it was a tough game, but it feels really good to win like this.

He continued

It’s been a long time since I’ve been aiming for a long shot.

In that situation

the runner was on first base and I wanted to get as many errors as possible

he said.


there was a mistake in the 3rd arrondissement.

I felt that heaven had not abandoned me,” he added.

As Son Ah-sub said

NC was in crisis after losing three consecutive games (including one draw) against Suwon KT Wiz on the 12th.

If the losing streak was prolonged at a time when the ranking battle was in full swing

the dream of advancing to fall baseball could be dashed.

At such a critical moment

the captain saved his team from the crisis by launching a home run gun.

Starting on the 18th

NC will face the seventh-place Doosan Bears (49 wins, 1 draw, 50 losses)

a ranking rival

in a three-game weekend series at Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

Son Ah-sub said

In the middle of the season, sometimes heaven doesn’t help you.

There are times when we get tangled individually or as a team.

It may go in a different direction than you thought it would.

It’s part of 144 games

so I don’t really care, but when you lose back-to-back games

of course the atmosphere of the team is heavy

he said


If we lost today

we would have almost moved to Seoul in a really heavy atmosphere

but we won a really tough game

so we really suffered for the whole squad

and I want to say thank you.”

When NC faltered

Son Ah-sub also faltered.

He pitched a four-hitter against Hanwha in Changwon on the 15th

and he also pitched a three-hitter against Hanwha on the 16th at the same venue.

It was very stressful

he said.

I’ve been struggling a lot physically since last week.

It must have been tough for every player

but it was tough for me.

I wanted to do well in games like the 15th and 16th

but my body just couldn’t keep up.

I felt that if my stamina dropped

I wouldn’t be able to get the technique

he said


I thought I was good at managing my fitness, but it’s actually a tough situation.

I want to do a little better in my fitness and contribute a lot to the team.

Knowing this

NC coach Kang Won-won gave the entire squad an unusual “complete rest” before the game against Hanwha on the 17th.

And it became one of the gods.

“(The break) definitely helped.


I don’t actually practice, I tend to play games often.

I think there is definitely a part of my body that is light when I play without practicing,” he said with a funny expression, “In the future, I will often compete individually without training.”

Currently, the KBO League is heating up in the standings, and there is a bloody battle going on every game.

NC, which is aiming to qualify for the postseason for the first time in three years since 2020 (when it was a unified championship), will also have every remaining game to be important.

Son Ah-sub also said, “It’s important to play against all the teams now.

It’s not just Doosan (who will face off from the 3th), but the gap between second and ninth place is not huge,” he said, adding, “For our team, every game left is important. From now on, it’s a real war.”

NC’s home stadium, Changwon NC Park, which opened in March 18, has yet to host a postseason game.

NC competed in fall baseball in 2 and 9, but in 2019, when they finished fifth, they lost to the LG Twins in the wild-card game, which was played as an away game, in just one game. In 3, when the team won the unified championship as the No. 2019 team in the regular season, all games of the Korean Series were played at the Gocheok Skydome due to the COVID-2020 pandemic.

Son Ah-sub said, “In terms of ranking, there is no goal.

“If I can, I would like to start fall baseball at Changwon NC Park. But that’s something we can’t decide.

In any case, the most important thing is to go up to fall baseball.

You have to go up to fall baseball to have a chance to reach that ultimate goal.

First of all, I really want to go to fall baseball.”

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