Going to the U.S. to Continue Enjoying Football

It only took six games to move them up to the top of the table.


who chose Miami rather than Europe or Saudi Arabia

opened up for the first time today (18).

Since moving to

the United States

Messi has played six games

scoring goals in each of them.

There are many ways to put it in

so he entertains the fans with an exquisite kick from a free kick or a mid-range shot that flies for a long time.

It could even be said that “the level of American soccer is too low for Messi.”

Inter Miami who were in last place 토토사이트

made a “big turnaround” by reaching the League Cup final after Messi’s signing

and Messi

who has already scored nine goals and provided one assist

was the first to directly explain why he chose Miami over the Saudis

who offered him a huge salary of 6 billion a year.

[Lionel Messi/Inter Miami: After a lot of thought

I decided with my family because I wanted to continue playing the football I love.]

He also talked about how he cried when he went to Paris

his former team.

[Lionel Messi/Inter Miami: The move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was not what I wanted

I didn’t want to leave Barcelona.]

Messi was also voted as a finalist for UEFA Player of the Year today

competing with Haaland and De Bruyne.

But Messi

a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner and three-time FIFA Most Valuable Player award

is not greedy for the award

but last winter.

I looked back on my happy memories.

Lionel Messi/Inter Miami:

Winning the World Cup gave me the most important trophy

I’m just enjoying the moment.

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