The worlds new 3-cushion star is born Bao Ong Bin defeated grand senior Tran to win the world championship

A new star has been born in the world of 3 cushions.

This is Baoun Binh, 28 years old.

At the 75th World 3-Cushion Championships held in Turkye Ankara on the 10th, Bao Pong Binh defeated ‘Vietnamese senior’ Tran Quiet Chien 50:34 (33 innings) to become the world champion. This is the first record for a Vietnamese player.

Joint 3rd place went to Cho Myung-woo (6th in the world, Seoul City Hall, Silk Road CNT) and Typhoon Tasdemir (Turkiye).

The two players who met in the finals are each other’s most cherished juniors and most respected seniors. Maybe that’s why the average between the two players wasn’t that high. (Baop en Binh 1.515-Tran 1.030) In particular, Tran, who is usually famous for his precise shots, made a lot of mistakes.

The initial atmosphere was led by Bao Pong Binh. He led by 5 runs in the 1st inning, leading 14:12 into the 10th inning. Tran turned the game around at 21:20 with 6 high runs in the 13th inning. But the lead didn’t last long. Baoun Binh immediately came back with 29:22, scoring 8 high runs in the 15th inning. And this pattern continued until the end of the finals. 먹튀검증사이트

After Baoong Linh made it 40:30 in the 22nd inning, both players fell into the same slump. Tran showed empty balls, fluctuating between 0 and 1 run until the last 34 innings, and Bao Pong Binh also recorded empty balls (25-29) for 5 consecutive innings.

For Tran, the decisive loss was that he was unable to chase Baop Ang Binh when he hit an empty ball. On the contrary, Baoun Binh showed excellent crisis management skills by defending with exquisite defense.

In the end, Baop Ang Vinh became the world 3-cushion champion by scoring all of the remaining 3 points in the 33rd innings, leading 47:34.

Baoun Binh has a rare career as a billiards player. After graduating from Vietnam Foreign Affairs University (FTU), a prestigious business university in Vietnam, he earned a master’s degree in economics in Australia before becoming a billiards player. Moreover, it is said that after watching the 2018 Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup, which Tran won, he decided to become a billiards player.

Afterwards, he grew rapidly and was evaluated as Vietnam’s next generation jockey along with Tran Thanh Tuk and Thai Hong Chiem. Meanwhile, his best result in a world competition is a 3-cushion World Cup round of 16 finish. At the ‘World 3 Cushion Survival 2023’ held at ‘Vita 500 Colosseum’ in Jamsil, Seoul last August, he was eliminated in the first repechage match.

Cho Myung-woo, who had high expectations of advancing to the semifinals for the first time in the World Championships, was disappointed by losing to Baoun Binh 48:50 (29 innings) in the semifinals.

Meanwhile, as the World Championship with the most points comes to an end, many changes are expected in the World Carom Federation (UMB) rankings. The World Championship points are 120 points (81 points for runner-up), which is much more than the 3-Cushion World Cup (80 points for winner, 54 points for runner-up). 

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