North Korea’s Park Myung-jin Wins Silver Medal

[Asian Games] North Korea’s Park Myung-jin Wins Silver Medal with World Junior Record in Men’s Weightlifting 61kg

Park Myung-jin (20), a young North Korean warrior,

set a world junior record and won a silver medal in his first international competition.

Myung-jin Park

Park Myung-jin lifted 136kg in snatch, 171kg in clean and jerk,

307kg in total at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games weightlifting men’s 61kg group A competition

held at the Xiaoshan Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, on the 1st, 카지노사이트

ranking second after Li Pavin (30, China). It went up.

He also set a new world junior record by far surpassing Tirapong Silachai (Thailand)’s 299kg in the total and 168kg by Hampton Morris (USA) in the clean and jerk.

Park Myung-jin, who made his debut on the international stage that day, put pressure on Lipavin,

the ‘strongest player in the game’, until the end of the game.

Ripavin’s total record on this day was 310 kg (143 kg in snatch, 167 kg in jerk and jerk).

Lipavin is the strongest athlete in this sport, having won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in the 61kg class and winning three world championships.

North Korean Weightlifters

Ripavin also holds the world records for weight gain (145kg), clean and jerk (175kg), and total (318kg).

Lipavin lifted 143 kg in the snatch, giving Park Myeong-jin a significant lead of 7 kg.

However, after succeeding at 167kg in the first clean and jerk,

he failed at 171kg in the second and third rounds.

Park Myung-jin lifted 171 kg in the second period of the clean and jerk,

applied for 175 kg in the third period to reverse the total.

If successful, the total could exceed Ripavin by 1kg.

However, Park Myung-jin missed the barbell and finished in second place in total.

North Korea’s Kim Chung-guk (24), who also competed, recorded 121kg in snatch,

177kg in clean and jerk, and 298kg in total, beating John Cenisa (25, Philippines),

who had a total of 297kg (134kg in snatch, 163kg in clean and jerk), by 1kg.

I hung a bronze medal around my neck.

North Korean weightlifters, who returned to the international stage four years after the 2019 World Championships,

have won two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal in three weightlifting weight classes at the Hangzhou Asian Games held so far.

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