“Take the momentum now and win the championship!”

The rookie wizards, who were selected by KT in the 2024 Rookie Draft, visited KT Wiz Park for the fateful Game 5 of the playoffs.

According to KT Wiz officials, five KT rookies visited the stadium to watch the final five games of the best-of-three playoff series between KT and NC in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO postseason at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on Friday.

A KT representative explained, 카지노사이트 “The rookies came to Wiz Park on a training break from the Iksan Final Camp to cheer on their seniors as they advance to the Korean Series.”

A total of five rookies visited the stadium

Won Sang-hyun (Pitcher, Busan High School), ranked 7th in the first round, Yuk Cheong-myeong (Pitcher, Gangneung High School), ranked 17th in the second round, Kim Min-sung (Pitcher, Sunlin Internet High School), ranked 27th in the third round, Park Tae-wan (Infielder, Yoo Shin-shin), ranked 67th in the seventh round, and Lee Seung-un (Pitcher, Jangan High School), ranked 107th in the eleventh round.

First-round pick Won Sang-hyun said, “I feel more like I belong to KT after being drafted. I’ll do my best to support them and hope to be on this stage someday,” and second-round pick Yuk Cheong-myung said, “I hope we win big. I witnessed the tie and it was very exciting. I also want to go to Jamsil.”

Third-rounder Kim Min-seong said, “The team atmosphere is good and it’s even more exciting to cheer with the fans. I hope we can continue to go to greater heights with this atmosphere,” and Park Tae-wan from the seventh round said, “Thank you for a great game. I feel extra special because I’m from Yushin, but I hope you’ll do your best until the end,” respectively.

In the 11th round, Lee Seung-un also said, “I hope you can drive the momentum and win the Korean Series. KT Fighting,” and wished for KT’s V2.

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