Jeonbuk, K-League 1, spurring reform centered on new general manager Lee Do-hyeon

Professional soccer K-League 1 Jeonbuk Hyundai, who experienced the humiliation of being ‘unrelated’ for the first time in 10 years, is beginning a reform.According to the automobile industry and the soccer world, CEO Heo Byeong-gil, who led the Jeonbuk club for four years, will step down at the end of this year.CEO Heo has been notified by Hyundai Motor Company to take charge of the club only until this year, and is already in the process of handing over the duties.

It is highly likely that General Manager Lee Do-hyun will succeed CEO Heo as the general manager of the club. He is expected to maintain his title as general manager and lead the club.In the past, Jeonbuk operated under a system in which a general manager who knew the soccer scene well was effectively responsible for running the club, and an executive from the head office also served as CEO and indirectly supported the club.Then, when CEO Heo took office in November 2019, there was a change in the operating method, 스포츠토토존 but it went back to the old way.

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