Donghae City accelerates hosting of sports competitions Economic effect worth more than KRW 10 billion

Donghae City, Gangwon-do, has been working hard to host winter training camps and sports competitions since the beginning of this year.According to Donghae City on the 5th, Donghae City is attracting attention as an optimal winter training site due to its geographical advantage of maintaining relatively warm temperatures in winter compared to inland areas.In addition, it is well equipped with a variety of excellent sports facilities, accommodations and restaurants that can accommodate a large number of people, and the excellent accessibility of most facilities in the city center has led to results such as attracting various competitions.Last year, the city hosted 38 national and provincial competitions, with over 100,000 people visiting the city, resulting in an economic effect of KRW 9.1 billion, as well as KRW 1 billion as over 800 people visited the city in 7 field training sports, including hockey, badminton, judo, soccer, and bobsleigh. It was a great help in revitalizing the local economy with direct and indirect effects totaling more than 10 billion won. This year, the ‘2024 National Middle School Winter Stove League Soccer Competition’ will be held for 13 days from the 6th to the 18th of this month at the soccer-specific stadium in Wellbeing Leisure Sports Town, with 570 participants from 12 teams.

In addition, there will be a joint winter training of the National Elementary, Middle, High School, College, and Professional Judo Federations with 540 participants from 35 teams at the Donghae Gymnasium from the 8th to the 17th, as well as 25 teams with 500 participants from the 10th to the 16th at the Mukho Middle School Gymnasium. Donghae Cup Winter National Middle School Kendo League Competition and Field Training, in which over 80 people will participate, are also scheduled.The hosting of 16 national-level competitions and 13 provincial-level competitions has already been confirmed.The city expects that sports marketing through field training and hosting various competitions will induce visits to Donghae City, increase demand for food and lodging, and have a positive impact on revitalizing the local economy by linking with nearby tourist attractions.Lee Yong-bin, head of the Physical Education Department, said, “We will spare no effort in providing administrative support to ensure that athletes, executives, and their families visiting the city do not experience any inconvenience,” and added, “We will steadily prepare for various national and provincial 온라인카지노 competitions to be held in the future to raise the status of a premium sports city.”

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