Jeon Cheong-jo Offered 3 Billion Won in Sponsorship Early this Year

“Jeon Cheong-jo Offered 3 Billion Won in Sponsorship Early this Year Through Nam Hyun-hee”… Approach the Fencing Association

Association “rejected under the condition of hiding the source of funds…

there was no meeting with working-level staff”

The association also received warnings for entering and exiting areas of the convention center without permission to enter.

Nam Hyun-hee

As complaints and accusations continued surrounding the ‘Nam Hyun-hee-Jeon Cheong-jo incident’,

it was revealed that Jeon had offered to sponsor a large sum of money to the Korea Fencing Association through Nam,

who was a national fencing representative, but was rejected. 토토사이트

It is known that Mr. Nam expressed his intention to support Mr. Jeon in January by introducing him

to a high-ranking official of the Fencing Association as a ‘businessman who will donate 3 billion won’.

According to the Fencing Association, they placed a condition not to confirm the source of funds.

Accordingly, the proposed sponsorship plan did not progress any further

as the association’s working staff refused to provide the donation account number,

saying that money could not be received anonymously.

An association official said in a phone call, “We were told not to check the source because we will give 3 billion won,

but we need to confirm who gave the money and for what reason.

“I answered that I could not do that even if it was 30 billion won,” he said.

Fencing Association

The association explains that no meeting has actually taken place between Mr. Jeon,

who is said to be a sponsor, and the working-level staff.

In addition, last July, Mr. Jeon was seen entering and exiting another area of ​​the competition venue that he did not have permission to enter,

and the association was indicted. also received attention.

At the time, it is said that Mr. Nam said that he was ‘his investor’ and that his entry should not be a problem,

but he also reportedly got into conflict with the association,

which said he was not an approved person.

The association dismissed as groundless the claim made by some that Mr. Nam was promised the position of next president of the associatio

under the pretext of Mr. Jeon investing a large amount of money in the fencing world.

The Fencing Association has been chaired by SK Telecom since 2003.

The association’s annual budget is known to be about 2.5 billion won.

Regarding this incident, the association also announced that it will take strong action,

saying that anyone who spreads false information about the association will be held legally accountable.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nam serves as a director of both the Fencing Association and the Korea Sports Council,

but it is understood that he has not yet announced his intention to resign or his future actions.

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