Miryang City, Gyeongnam Province Sports Competition preparatory committee inauguration ceremony A promise for a successful competition

Fighting Gyeongnam Provincial Sports Festival!

Gyeongnam Miryang City announced on the 19th that it held a preparatory committee inauguration ceremony ahead of the ’63rd Gyeongnam Provincial Sports Games’.

The launch ceremony held at Hotel Arena Gyeongsan Hall in Miryang was attended by 106 preparatory committee members, including politicians and sports association officials. 바카라사이트

The event was held in the following order: grand address, appointment letter award ceremony, and resolution reading, with the meaning of opening a new chapter in the development of Miryang sports and harmony among residents.

Attendees pledged to prepare for a successful competition by shouting the competition slogan, ‘The power of Gyeongnam becoming one in the future city of Miryang’.

Heo Dong-sik, Acting President of Miryang City, said, “We ask for the endless passion and dedication of the preparation committee members to create the best competition.”

The 63rd Gyeongnam Province Sports Festival will be held exclusively in Miryang for the first time in 19 years since 2005.About 20,000 athletes from 18 cities and counties in Gyeongnam will participate in 36 sports.

The competition will run for four days from April 19th to 22nd.

Fighting Gyeongnam Provincial Sports Festival! 토토사이트

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