Neymar, Injured in A Match Finally on the Operating Table

Neymar, injured in A match, diagnosed with anterior cruciate ligament rupture… Finally on the operating table

Possibility of ‘season out’ 2 months after transfer to Al Hilal… Neymar: “The worst time”

Brazilian soccer star Neymar (Al-Hilal), who was injured and carried out during the 2026 North and Central America World Cup qualifying match, ends up on the operating table.

The Brazilian Football Association (CBF) announced through its official channels on the 19th (Korean time) that “Neymar was examined and found to have ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus of his left knee.”

CBF said, “Neymar is scheduled to undergo surgery, but the date has not been set.” 안전놀이터

His club, Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal, also announced the surgery and said,

“Neymar’s recovery program will be decided at a later date.”

Neymar played in the 2026 North and Central America World Cup South American qualifying match against Uruguay held in Montevideo, Uruguay the day before,

but was injured at the end of the first half.

After a collision with opponent Nicolas De La Cruz, he stepped on the ground but stumbled and fell.

Neymar, who complained of pain, hit the ground with his hand in agony and was eventually carried out on a stretcher.

As he was being carried out, he covered his eyes with his hands as if to block his tears.

There were concerns about a serious injury, but Neymar was diagnosed with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and had to undergo surgery,

making a long-term absence inevitable.

Sports Illustrated (SI) predicted that Neymar’s recovery will take 7 to 9 months and that it will be difficult for him to play again during this season.

The British Daily Mail also raised the possibility of a ‘season out’.

Neymar’s absence is a major negative for both the Brazilian national team and Al Hilal.

Brazil was relegated to third place in the South American World Cup qualifiers after losing 0-2 to Uruguay,

with Neymar missing midway, and is set to play two-game series against Colombia and Argentina in November.

Al Hilal, who reportedly spent 90 million euros (approximately 128.5 billion won) in transfer fees to recruit Neymar in August and paid him an annual salary of over 100 million dollars,

was forced to wait without being able to utilize him properly.

After wearing the Al Hilal uniform, Neymar played in 5 games in the Saudi League and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League this season, scoring 1 goal.

Neymar suffered from frequent injuries throughout his career.

He was a member of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France,

but had ankle surgery in March of this year and was out for a long time.

At the Qatar World Cup last year, he injured his right ankle in the first game of the group stage and returned through the round of 16 against Korea.

In 2018 and the following year, he missed about three months each due to a right foot injury.

Neymar posted on his social media, “This is really sad, the worst time.

I know I am strong, but this time my family and friends will need me even more.”

He expressed his difficult feelings again, saying, “It is not easy to go through injuries and surgery.

Imagine experiencing it all again after four months of recovery time,” and expressed his determination,

saying, “I have faith,” and expressed his gratitude for the support.

Lionel Messi (Inter Miami), who played together at FC Barcelona and PSG in Spain,

posted a photo of himself with Neymar on his Instagram story and left a message telling him to stay strong.

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