Park Se-hyuk is vowing to make a comeback

Looking back on his first season, it was a season of regret, reflection, and disappointment. NC’s Park Se-hyuk, 34, is vowing to make a comeback with a mindset that literally translates to “desperation.

Park left Doosan as a free agent last year and signed a four-year, 4.6 billion won contract with NC. With Doosan’s strategy of going “all-in” on Yang Ji in last year’s free agency, Park was virtually forced to move on. NC’s need to fill Yang Ji’s void made sense. Head coach Kang Myung-hyun was confident in Park’s resurgence after he struggled with the after-effects of an orbital fracture in 2021.

After his transfer, he started off well. However, he had to shake his head after another unexpected injury. On April 14 against the Incheon SSG, 카지노사이트 he was hit hard in the head by Guillermo Heredia’s backswinging bat. Park was batting 2-for-6 with 10 doubles (in 38 at-bats), two home runs, six RBIs, and a .754 OPS in 12 games. The velocity at the plate dropped off again.

He was solid at the plate, but he wasn’t performing well enough.

In mid-August, he was diagnosed with tendinitis in his left wrist. His recovery was slow, and he was sidelined for about a month and a half from mid-August to October, right in the middle of the battle for the top spot.

During this time, the starting catcher position was handed over to Kim Hyung-jun. Despite a slow start to the season with a cruciate ligament injury and an ankle injury, by the end of the regular season, and in the postseason, NC’s starting catcher was not Park Se-hyuk, but Kim Hyung-jun. Kim burst onto the scene with a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. As he grew, Park’s role diminished. Even in the midst of NC’s fall baseball miracle march, Park was not used.

At the New Year’s meeting on January 8, Park reflected on his first year with the team last year, saying, “When I transferred here, I aimed for the top five, and I wanted to finish at the highest level. Last year, the younger players did so well, (Son) Asub, (Park) Gun-woo, (Park) Min-woo, and others. I’m sure the fans were disappointed, but it was a good year for the team to finish with a lot of heart.”

However, when it came to Park’s personal story, he was disappointed.

“Personally, of course, I’m disappointed. I came to the pros and got hurt by a ball that hit my body, that’s all, but this year I had a lot of sore spots. It was a disappointing season,” he reflected.

He also wondered if it would have been different if he hadn’t been injured. “I didn’t have any residual injuries, but my wrist hurt, and it was the first time I had to go to rehab like this. “I thought about how I could have contributed to the team and how the team could have finished in a higher position if I had done well. I realized the importance of taking care of my body,” he said.

Watching Kim Hyung-joon play in the postseason from the bench was a revelation. “It was a good experience and a learning experience,” he said. My desire to play as a player grew even more. I wanted to play even more. It was the coach’s decision, so I had to accept it,” he emphasized.

He continued, “(Kim) is a very good player. It’s not something I can deny. He’s a young player, but he’s done well in the national team,” he said, adding, “I really felt that I shouldn’t be unprepared.”

As a veteran, I know it’s not just about ego.

You know that you can’t avoid competition. That’s why he reminds himself to be better prepared and more thorough. “When a younger player comes up, I can’t just show my pride just because I’m a veteran. I have to prepare without regrets according to the current reality. If I prepare well, I think I can perform well and help the team,” he said.

Park doesn’t want to create any more regrets. That’s why he’s leaving the country on the 10th for personal training. He will receive help from the Kang Jeong-ho School, the same school that guided Son’s batting title last year. He’s desperate, 카지노사이트 순위 and he doesn’t want to regret it. Just as Son felt his limitations and sought personal training to overcome them, Park Se-hyuk traveled to the United States early to push his own limits.

“There’s also the influence of my older brother. “I actually wanted to go to the U.S. sooner because of the timing, but I couldn’t leave early because of the New Year’s meeting. Still, I have about 20 days, so I’m going to prepare a lot and get a lot of help.”

And once again, he said, “I have to accept that I wanted to play at the last minute last year, but I couldn’t. But I also think I should prepare without regret,” emphasizing that “I have a lot of thoughts on how to prepare for the season, and let’s prepare quickly and do a lot,” explaining how he found the Kang Jeong-ho School.

It was time for Park to compete and prove himself again. What kind of results will Park’s determination and preparation without regrets bring this year?

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