Two departed, but five freshmen joined the team during commitment.

“I love how Harrigan rebounds and battles. Alexander has a good jump shot and moves well.”

Lee (6-foot-5, G) averaged 13.1 points, 4.5 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.8 steals in 28 minutes per game in 12 games in the College Basketball League last year. While he didn’t take many 3-point attempts, he made 8 of 18 for a 44.4% success rate. As a freshman, he shot 15.8% (6-of-38) from 3-point range in college basketball.

Now, as a senior, Lee has been training in Jeju Island 온라인카지노 for the winter.

“I have a schedule that starts at dawn, so it’s tight. The coach tries to give me a break, so I try to make the most of the hard schedule,” he said, briefly explaining how he trains on Jeju Island.

Compared to when he was interviewed on Jeju Island two years ago, his face seemed to have changed a bit.

Lee Min-cheol said, “My face has changed because I’ve seen and felt a lot since I came to college, and the training is hard.” He added, “I should say that I’m a little more mature or old, but I’ve changed.”

Players need to become more seasoned.

“Compared to my freshman year, I’ve improved a lot from my freshman year because I’m thinking about the movements that match the team’s colors, attacks using the center, and saving my teammates instead of my own attacks,” said Lee Min-chul.

Last year, Myeongji University won four of their first six games of the season, but only won one of their remaining eight games and missed the playoffs. It was a typical Yongdusami season. One of the reasons was injuries.

“In the middle of the season, we lost a game against Hanyang University, and we all fell apart. “We didn’t recover mentally and physically because we didn’t feel well after getting COVID-19 as a team, so I think we fell apart in the second half,” he recalls.

When asked how they are preparing for this year, Lee Min-chul said, “The basics are what the coach orders, so we are trying to create the basics first and then create our own plays.” “We are trying to play easy basketball with mistakes, free throws, box outs, and quick transitions from defense to offense,” he said.

“We have a lot of ball-handlers. They have offense. If I try to play the role of a ball handler, I think the team’s movement will be disturbed, so I try to do the basic things that the coach asks me to do first,” he said. “When I play offense, I try to create points from the little things, such as saving my teammates before my own offense, holding the ball when the flow is interrupted, finding empty spaces to create my own points, and running fast breaks,” he added.

“I think I did that last year because a lot of our ball-handlers were injured,” said Lee, who also stepped up as a solution in key moments and when the offense was running out of time. “There was some pressure on me, but after experiencing that, I was able to create points with other things.”

This year, Myeongji Temple will be guarded by Jun Harrigan (200 cm, F) and Kwon Alexander (198 cm, F/C).

Lee Min-cheol said, “I love that Harrigan rebounds and fights based on his physicality. However, he doesn’t control his emotions well, but he’s getting better. I’m still getting used to Korean basketball. The coach’s style has changed a little bit, so it’s a little hard to follow. It’s hard to communicate because of the language.” “Alexander has a very good jump shot and good movement, but he lacks experience. He’s very quick in transition. His body looks dull and his movements are too fast for his size. He runs well, so it would be good to refine it a bit.”

Lee Min-cheol used to be a quiet player, but now he talks more than anyone else on the court.

“Park Ji-hwan and So Jun-hyuk are not playing because they are a little sick. Jang Jimin and Kim Do-yeon are also good, but they lack a bit of experience. They tell us a lot of little things and things that we can take away from the play.” “The older brothers and players in our grade talk a lot to the younger ones. They ask a lot of questions. We are friends in the dormitory, so we communicate well even when we are playing.”

Lee Min-chul said, “Our primary goal is to go to the playoffs, which we missed last year. I want the team to feel like a team without injuries, not just individuals.” “I want to reduce my mistakes. I had a good shooting feeling two or three months ago, but I want to find it quickly and improve my team’s shooting percentage,” he said.

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