After winning in 2022, the podium in two years Next month, I will challenge for a world championship medal

Figure skating Cha Jun-hwan

Cha Jun-hwan (Korea University), the leading Korean figure skating men’s singles figure skater, overcame the aftermath of an ankle injury and climbed to the podium at the Four Continents Championships for the first time in two years.

Cha Jun-hwan received 177.65 points, including 91.77 technical scores (TES) and 85.88 artistic scores (PCS), in the men’s single free skating at the 2023-2024 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Four Continents Championships held in Shanghai, China on the 3rd. . 파워볼사이트

He ranked third overall with a final total score of 272.95 points, including the short program score of 95.30 points, following Yuma Kagiyama (307.58 points) and Sun Sato (Japan, 274.59 points).

It has been two years since Cha Jun-hwan won a medal at the Four Continents Championships in 2022, when he won gold.Last year, I finished 4th and did not make it to the podium.

Cha Jun-hwan, who stood on the silver podium last among the 24 participating athletes, began his performance energetically to the free skating program ‘The Batman’.

He performed the first task, the quadruple salchow, perfectly, earning a base score of 9.70 and a score of execution (GOE) of 3.60.

However, while performing the second jumping task, a quadruple toe loop, he faltered on the landing and lost the GOE of 2.71 points.

In the third triple lutz-triple loop combination jump, attention (be careful of edge use) occurred and GOE was reduced by 0.76 points.

After completing the first three jump tasks, Cha Jun-hwan took a breather by performing the Flying Camel Spin at level 4.

Afterwards, he stumbled once again in the Triple Lutz and was deducted 2.19 GOE points, and finished the first half of the performance with a step sequence (level 4).

The second half, when 10% extra points were given, was perfect.

He performed the triple Axel-double Axel sequence jump cleanly, as well as the triple Axel solo jump and the triple flip-single Euler-triple Salchow combination jump.

After performing the change foot combination spin to level 4, the core sequence was followed by a flying change foot combination spin (level 4).

Cha Jun-hwan shows off his acting skills

This is the first time that Cha Jun-hwan has won a medal at an international major competition in the 2023-2024 season.

He suffered from a right ankle injury before the start of this season.He suffered from severe pain due to nerve tissue problems.

Due to pain, he finished 9th in the second round of the ISU Senior Grand Prix and was unable to run at all in the fifth round.

Cha Jun-hwan, who gave up on the Grand Prix Series, focused on recovery after returning to Korea.He lowered the difficulty of his composition and performed in the first and second national team selection matches for the next season held this winter.

Cha Jun-hwan, who won a bronze medal at the Four Continents Championships despite being in an uncomfortable physical condition, plans to focus more on controlling his condition for the time being and then participate in the ISU World Championships to be held in Montreal, Canada next month.

The World Championships are the second most prestigious competitions after the Olympics, and Cha Jun-hwan will challenge to win a medal for the second year in a row.

Cha Jun-hwan became the first Korean male athlete to win a silver medal at the World Championships last year.

Meanwhile, Lim Ju-heon (Suri High School), who also competed on this day, ranked 13th with a final total score of 211.40 points, and Cha Young-hyeon (Korea University) ranked 14th with 204.14 points. 토토사이트 추천

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