The Baseball World Avoided the Worst Situation

The Baseball World Avoided the Worst Situation… We Must Shake Off the ‘Black Temptation’ Lurking Everywhere

The worst situation was avoided in the professional baseball world as the court dismissed the request for arrest warrants for former coach Kim Jong-kook and former general manager Jang Jeong-seok of the professional baseball KIA Tigers.

On the 30th, Chief Judge Yoo Chang-hoon, in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court,

interrogated the suspects (substantive warrant review) before the arrest of former director Kim and former manager Jang,

who are suspected of breach of trust, etc., and reviewed the materials for nearly 10 hours before obtaining the arrest warrant requested by the prosecution.

was dismissed. 바카라사이트

Judge Yoo said that it was necessary to guarantee the right of defense regarding whether the money the two received from the coffee company,

which is the sponsor of the KIA team, was compensation for an illegal favor,

and that it was difficult to believe that there was a risk of destruction of evidence and escape,

that the reason for the arrest claimed by the prosecution was He stated that it is difficult to acknowledge the necessity.

Coach Kim Jong-kook

Former directors Kim and Jang, who were released while waiting in a detention center,

are scheduled to be investigated by the prosecution without detention.

Former coach Kim was almost arrested as the second current professional baseball coach in history,

following the late Sammi Superstars coach Kim Jin-young,

who assaulted an umpire during a game in 1983.

He escaped arrest, and if indicted, his guilt will be determined in court,

but it has become difficult to shake off the disgrace of being the first professional baseball manager to receive an arrest warrant on charges of personal corruption.

Baseball fans were shocked just by the circumstances of receiving bribes that the prosecution stated in the warrant.

The incident involving former manager Kim Jong-kook and former general manager Jang, who devastated the KIA team,

reaffirmed the fact that ‘black temptation’ is literally lurking everywhere around baseball players.

Professional baseball has suffered from major troubles such as corruption in exemption from military service,

corruption in win-loss manipulation where dark forces used baseball players’ seniors and juniors as a link to approach players, and illegal and banned drug scandals.

If these crimes were mainly aimed at players, it is shocking that this time,

in order to win contracts for uniforms and stadium advertisements,

the contractor gave kickbacks to the general manager,

who is in charge of running the baseball team, and the manager, who is in charge of the field.

General Manager Jang Jeong-seok

The head coach and general manager are positions that receive a stable annual salary above a certain level during the contract period with the club,

are responsible for taking the lead in preventing various irregularities and immoral acts occurring within the team.

In this regard, the mistakes of former coach Kim and former general manager Jang Jeong-seok,

who were involved in receiving bribes, should be investigated.

It doesn’t seem light at all.

If this situation is to end due to the deviation of a specific person,

there is no other choice but to rearrange morality and the system.

The KIA club, which has disturbed the baseball world with scandals between its general manager and coach for two consecutive years,

bowed its head and said it would improve the process for selecting successor managers and coaches

strengthen law compliance training for players.

It is expected that each club will use this incident as a lesson to reexamine the existing sponsorship and marketing contract system

focus on blocking the intervention of third parties other than those involved.

There is no reason for professional baseball to exist if it takes away the attention and love of fans due to corruption and misconduct outside the baseball stadium.

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