“The hardest four weeks of my swimming life” ‘Strike’ for a relay medal with hellish training

The relay team goes to Australia for 4 weeks of training, training hard to swim 60km a week.

The five management team players, who left for training on the Golden Coast of Australia on the 5th of last month and returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 3rd, literally endured ‘hell training’ there.

The intensity was such that Hwang Seon-woo (Gangwon Special Provincial Office) said, “I had the hardest four weeks of my swimming life,” and Kim Woo-min (Gangwon Special Provincial Office) also expressed relief, saying, “We had a difficult time, but I think we overcame it well.”

Their day started at 6 a.m. after training with coach Michael Pulperi of the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia for four weeks. 메이저-토토사이트

When I woke up at dawn, I went into the water and swam 6,000 meters, and also did high-intensity strength training three times a week.

I did swimming training 10 times a week divided into morning and afternoon, so I covered 60km of water per week, and also did circuit training before and after swimming.

Athletes receiving instruction from Coach Scals

Chang-Hoon Jeong, President of the Korea Swimming Federation, expressed satisfaction, saying, “If we talk about the performance of this training camp in Australia, it was the most difficult in history. Sun-Woo Hwang said that his endurance has improved a lot, and overall, the athletes had a very difficult time.”

The athletes participating in the Australian training camp this time are five 800m relay members: Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min, Yang Jae-hoon (Gangwon Special Provincial Office), Lee Ho-jun (Jeju Provincial Office), and Lee Yu-yeon (Goyang City Hall).

Following two training sessions in Australia last year, the Korea Swimming Federation conducted training in Australia again this year to improve the skills of relay athletes.

What is noteworthy is that not only was the intensity of training the highest ever, but the satisfaction of the players was also the highest this time.

The Korea Swimming Federation said, “Last year, in the first training camp, the local coach emphasized the basics to our athletes, and the second training camp was conducted in a somewhat intense manner. This year’s training led by Coach Pulperi maintained high intensity while maintaining 1. ·The players were satisfied because they were able to find a good middle ground for the second training session, he explained.

National team coach Jeon Dong-hyeon, who watched the entire training process, said, “It was my first time training with Coach Pulperi, and the systematic program was impressive. The focus was on physical strength, and the players had a great time training.”

Korea’s men’s freestyle swimming team training in Australia

A characteristic of the Australian training camp is that it is conducted in an outdoor pool.

Outdoor pools are strongly affected by the weather, and the scorching sun causes significant physical exhaustion.

Just as your body becomes lighter when you go from running with sandbags on a sandy beach to running on a track, you can expect your skills to increase by training in the harsh environment of an outdoor pool and then competing in an indoor pool.

Coach Jeon was satisfied, “We overcame the difficult conditions in the outdoor pool and came this far. When we went to the indoor pool (after training in the outdoor pool), the effort the players put in changed. Their physical strength has improved.”

After exercising exclusively for 4 weeks and having enough energy to eat 3 bags of 10kg rice, they departed for Doha, Qatar, where the World Championships were held, on the morning of the 7th.

Attention is also drawn to whether Hwang Sun-woo, who competes in the 200m freestyle, and Kim Woo-min, who competes in the 400m freestyle, will hunt for medals in individual events, but the event they are most focused on is the 800m relay. 온라인카지노

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