Daejeon Hana Citizens have completed the final piece of their ACL challenge

Daejeon Hana Citizens have completed the final piece of their Asian Champions League (ACL) challenge.

A source familiar with the K League transfer market said, “Daejeon has finalized the signing of foreign striker Penniel Mlapa (33). An announcement will be made soon after finalizing the details.” With the addition of Mlappa to the last remaining foreign quota, Daejeon has succeeded in building a foreign player roster that includes Gutek, Leandro, Anton, Hosa, Aaron, and Mlappa.

After staying up last season, Daejeon set out to upgrade their squad this season with the goal of making it to the ACL, signing Kim Seung-dae Lee Jung-taek Kim Jun-beom Park Jin-sung, Aaron, Hosa, and others in addition to ‘active duty’ Lee Soon-min. 카지노사이트 The final concern was a backup striker. Daejeon lost both Thiago and Yoo Kang-hyun, who were responsible for the front line last season. Lee Min-sung’s first choice was Gutek, who returned from injury. Lee gave a thumbs-up to Gutek’s abilities in his short stint with the team, and predicted that he would be a regular this season after returning from injury. That’s why he sent Thiago, who has 17 goals to his name. Gutek started off with a bang, scoring a goal in his first game.

The problem was that they didn’t have a striker to replace him.

Gong Min-hyun was available, but he didn’t carry much weight. Daejeon decided to utilize the remaining foreign quota and contacted several players, looking for the type of player who could not only play up front but also in the second line. The clock was ticking and negotiations were not easy, until finally, Mlapa came along.

A dual citizen of Togo and Germany, Mlapa has had a stellar career. He has played 79 games in the German Bundesliga alone. If you include Bundesliga 2, he has over 200 games in Germany. After representing Germany at the U-19 and U-21 levels, Mlapa also played 15 games for Togo. Mlapa, who also played in the Netherlands, moved to the Middle East in 2019. 메이저사이트 He played for Ittihad Kalba and Al Nasr in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He also played with Pohang Steelers captain Wandelsson.

Standing at 6-foot-3, Mlappa is a powerful player with the height to play in the second line. He scored 32 goals in the UAE League, but hasn’t played in about eight months due to internal team issues. Daejeon was concerned about this, but he was in better shape than expected and showed a strong determination to return. Mlapa also reportedly took a significant pay cut. Daejeon is hoping that Mlapa can play as a backup or joker to Gutek.

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