EPL Legend Warns…”Postecoglou is Playing Dangerously”

Cesc Fabregas, a former world-class midfielder who played for Arsenal and Chelsea in the Premier League, has criticized Tottenham’s football.

He said they play too high up the pitch.

The Mirror quoted Fabregas in an interview on a BBC podcast on April 24 (KST), saying, “Fabregas has raised doubts about Spurs manager Anzhi Postecoglou’s bold style of play. He said it was too risky to push defenders so high up the pitch.”

“I’m not a big fan of Postecoglou,” Fabregas continued, criticizing the coach, “He keeps trying to make plays when he can’t control the situation.”

Postecoglou, an Australian, took charge of Tottenham this season. He is the first Australian manager in the history of the Premier League, which was founded in 1992.

Last season, Spurs had three different managers in total. They started the season with Antonio Conte, before he was sacked and his assistant coach Christian Stellini took over for a few games, followed by Ryan Mason. Spurs struggled and finished the season in eighth place. They failed to qualify for the UEFA club competitions.

The club hired Postecoglou ahead of this season.

He coached Celtic in the Scottish Professional Soccer League last season, leading them to a ‘Domestic Treble’ in which they won the league, as well as the FA Cup and League Cup. He also coached Oh Hyun-kyu, who played for Celtic last season.

Postecoglou has also ruled Korea in the past. He made his current pupil, Son Heung-min, cry. In the 2015 Asian Cup final, Postecoglou led Australia to their first Asian Cup title. The Socceroos were up 1-0 at the time, but Heung-min scored the game-winning goal in extra time to win the title 2-1.

Since joining Tottenham, Postecoglou has been a Premier League sensation since the start of the season. He led Spurs to the top of the league with a 10-match unbeaten streak at the start of the season. It was a shock to many soccer fans, including Spurs. Harry Kane, Spurs’ all-time leading goalscorer with 280 goals for the club, didn’t feel a void when he moved to Bayern Munich.

He made another history. Postecoglou was recognized early in the season when he won the Premier League Manager of the Month award for August, September, and October in a row. It was a first in the Premier League. No manager had ever won three consecutive manager of the month awards so soon after taking over. Antonio Conte, Jürgen Klopp, and Pep Guardiola are the only other managers to have won three in a row.

However, after a 10-match unbeaten run in the league, Tottenham’s fortunes began to change. Injuries and suspensions to several key players, including new signing Micky Van der Vaart, prevented them from fielding a full squad and they slipped down the table. From first place, Spurs quickly dropped to fifth place.

Spurs’ slump was partly due to injuries, but it was also due to Postecoglou’s tactics. He played an aggressive style of soccer that was entertaining for Spurs fans, but also risky.

He played an extreme attacking style of soccer that often put defenders on the bottom line. To do this effectively, he needed his defenders to be fast. Vander Penn 카지노사이트 and Cristian Romero were 100% up to the task. However, problems began to arise when they were unavailable due to injury and discipline.

Neither Ben Davies nor Emmerson Royale, who started the game as a backup center back, were able to close the space behind them.

They lacked the ability to stop penetrating strikers. They weren’t good enough to fully implement Postecoglou’s style of play, but he kept pushing his football. Even when goals were scored, he kept pushing for more.

His attacking soccer paid off. Postecoglu has scored in all 27 league games since his arrival. This was matched by last season’s record, which saw him score in 39 consecutive league games. This is the second-longest Premier League streak of all time, the first being Arsenal’s 55-game run from 2001-2002.

The defensive record falls short. Spurs have conceded 42 goals in the league alone, three more than sixth-place Manchester United. They are a whopping 18 goals behind first-place Arsenal, the team with the fewest goals conceded this season.

Spurs are currently fifth in the league, three points behind fourth-place Aston Villa. They have played one game less than Aston Villa and can equalize if they win this game. If the points are the same, goal difference will decide the standings. A top-four finish is required to qualify for next season’s UEFA Champions League.

Postecoglou’s soccer has two sides. While it’s an offensive pleasure, it’s also a defensive danger.

That”s why Fabregas called Postecoglou”s style of play dangerous. “It”s very brave to play like that and you have to trust your players a lot,” he said.

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