LIV Golf Meronk loses 300 million won due to late play

Meronk’s iron shot.

Adrian Meronk (Poland), who suddenly joined LIV Golf this year, lost a large sum of over 300 million won due to delayed play.

Meronk was penalized for slow play in the final round of the LIV Golf Jeddah, Saudi Arabia tournament, which ended on the night of the 3rd, and was pushed down one place from a tie for 5th to a tie for 6th.

The LIV Golf Competition Committee announced that Meronk violated the speed of play rule, which requires shots to be made within 40 seconds, and changed the score on the 18th hole (par 5) from birdie to par by adding one penalty stroke. 메이저사이트

Meronk, who finished the competition tied for 5th place with Jon Lam (Spain), received a penalty stroke and was pushed down the rankings to one of six players tied for 6th place.

Meronk, who could have received $750,000 if he had tied for 5th place, had to be satisfied with the prize money of $508,750 for tied 6th place.

This amounts to a loss of over 240,000 dollars (approximately 320 million won).

Lam finished in sole 5th place and received $800,000.Thanks to Meronk, I have an extra $50,000.

Meronk became the second player to receive a penalty for late play since the launch of LIV Golf.

Last year, LIV Golf imposed a penalty on Richard Bland (England) for late play during the Spanish tournament.

LIV Golf is very sensitive to players’ play speed in order to create a dynamic game.

Meronk, who was selected as the DP World Tour Player of the Year last year and was scheduled to play on the PGA Tour starting this year, suddenly joined LIV Golf ahead of the season opening.

He also revealed the reason for his transfer, saying, “I would not have moved to LIV Golf if my expectations of being selected as a representative for the Ryder Cup last year had not been dashed.” 토토사이트 추천

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