“A well-built sixth man, ten weeks of envy.

“A well-built sixth man, ten weeks of envy.

It’s a phrase often heard around the basketball court. Due to the free substitution of players, the sixth man gets a chance to play as a ‘hidden card’ in the offense and defense, as well as the fitness of the main players. Even if their stats don’t look spectacular, they can be invaluable in game-winning situations if they do what the coach wants them to do. This sixth-man effect has been a key factor in the 2023-2024 NBA’s best-of-six playoffs. Altoran’s performance in every game has been one of those “I’m sorry to see the 10th man” moments.

“I want to give credit to the sixth man, including Jung Chang-young and Epistola,” said Busan KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin, whose team won its first two games of the sixth round against Seoul SK. KCC won the first game by 18 points (81-63) and the second game by 27 points (99-72). Both games were decided in the second half (third and fourth quarters). The final victory was possible because the best players did their part, but it was the sixth man who laid the bridge, according to the former coach.

Currently, KCC’s best members are more offense-oriented, and they are slow to react on defense, so they often lose as much as they gain. However, 토토사이트 in the quarterfinals, the defensive sacrifices of the sixth man allowed them to challenge SK, which was second in defense in the regular season, and neutralize SK’s offensive attempts.

KCC’s biggest concern was how to control veteran Kim Sun-hyung (SK),

He has a lot of experience on the big stage, including winning the regular season and the championship. Although Jamil Warney (SK) is scary, KCC could counteract him with a long forward partnership with Lagunar (KCC), so they desperately needed to find a way to compensate for the weakness of Hwoong Lee in defense. Jung Chang-young and Epistola were the answer to their worries. Their effectiveness was especially evident in Game 2, when KCC threw their six-man defense into overdrive in the third quarter and repeatedly rained ashes on SK’s momentum. Jung Chang-young and Epistola, who played about four minutes each in the fourth quarter as SK ran out of steam, helped KCC play a “perfect game” in the fourth quarter, pouring in 32 points and allowing only eight. In addition to the ‘dirty work’, the duo also contributed offensively in the second half, with Jung adding six points and four assists and Epistola adding seven points and two rebounds.

Suwon KT and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, who are tied 1-1 in the series, have also benefited from the sixth man effect. Rookie sixth man Moon Jung-hyun was the surprise star of KT’s 93-90 victory in Game 1 on May 5. Moon got 10 full minutes in the fourth quarter out of a total of 26 minutes on the night. In the fourth quarter, he had zero points, rebounds, and assists in 9 minutes and 43 seconds as he focused on defense. But at 90-90, on the final offensive possession, he hit a theatrical three-pointer. It was a game-winning shot that showed incredible guts and composure for a rookie.

In Game 2, Hyundai Mobis took advantage of the sixth man effect.

With 10 seconds left in the game, Kim Ji-wan scored a driving layup that caught his opponent off guard and tied the game at 79-77. It was his first point in 21 minutes and 39 seconds of play.

The sixth man’s ‘one-two punch’ enraged Ulsan fans even more, as it was compared to KT’s two ace players, Heo Hoon and Paris Bass, who missed easier scoring opportunities than Kim in similar clutch situations. Second-option Kebe Aluma, 파워볼실시간 also known as the “mercenary sixth man,” matched Bass’ firepower by scoring 22 points in 25:25 minutes in place of starter Gage Primm.

“PO is a short-term game, so we have to rely heavily on our best players, and if a sixth man can perform beyond expectations in a short period of time, it’s a blessing,” said a club official.

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