‘He doesn’t do any tactical training or anything like that’

‘He doesn’t do any tactical training or anything like that’

Bundesliga Bayern Munich defender Eric Dier, 30, has seen his stock rise at a frightening rate of late. When he joined Munich on loan from Tottenham Hotspur in January, he was criticized for poor defending and meddling too much, but now he’s a regular in Munich’s starting center back line. Kim Min-jae was also pushed aside by Dyer and relegated to the bench, where he was often blamed for Munich’s struggles.

But Dyer’s nostrils flared as his value rose and he was thrust into the spotlight. The ‘out of line’ comments kept coming. This time, Dyer ‘rated’ Tottenham Hotspur manager Enze Postecoglou for relegating him to the bench and then sending him out on loan. He claimed that Postecoglou never talks about tactics in training sessions, only how he wants things done. 카지노사이트 He even compared him to former manager Antonio Conte. He’s got a point.

“Dyer has spoken out about his time at Tottenham, revealing that Pochettino never gives tactical instructions in training,” the Daily Mail reported on Sept. 9 (ET).

Dyer was interviewed by legendary football pundit Gary Neville on Sky Bet’s Overlap program and reflected on his time at Spurs.

Dyer played for Spurs for 10 years, starting in the summer of 2014. He played a total of 365 games for the club under some of the biggest names in the game, including Mauricio Pochettino, Jose Mourinho, and Antonio Conte. However, his form gradually declined and he fell out of favor under Postecoglou, eventually joining Harry Kane on loan at Munich in January. A return to Tottenham seems unlikely.

The move to Munich marks a new phase in Dier’s career. He was initially seen as a backup to Kim Min-jae, but now he has become a central defender for the Bavarians, with Thomas Tuchel’s trust in him. Of course, his position is not guaranteed after Tuchel”s dismissal. But for now, Dyer is Munich’s starter.

Dier told Neville that Postecoglou doesn’t give him any tactical instructions in training. “Postecoglou doesn’t do anything tactical at all. 토토사이트 추천 The only thing he does in training Monday through Friday is tell us to play the way he wants us to play,” he said.

Conte, on the other hand, said that every training session is structured with a tactical program. “He did a lot of tactical training from Monday to Friday, (so much so) that he could do it with his eyes closed,” Dyer said. This sounds like a criticism of the current Tottenham system under Postecoglou.

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