Men’s tennis Tsitsipas wins first of the year at the Monte Carlo Masters

Men’s Tennis Tsitsipas Men’s Professional Tennis Singles Win

Stefanos Tsitsipas (12th, Greece) won the singles title at the Monte Carlo Masters (total prize money of 5,955,775 euros) on the ATP Tour.
Tsitsipas defeated Kasper Ruud (10th, Norway) 2-0 (6-16-4) in the singles final on the final day of the tournament on 14 April 2024 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Tsitsipas lifted the trophy for the first time in this year’s tournament.
Tsitsipas has always been caught off guard by lower-ranked players this year.

Men’s Tennis Tsitsipas Performance Slack

Men’s Tennis Tsitsipas Performance Slack
It has not gone beyond the quarterfinals since the Los Cabos tournament in Mexico (semi-final) in February 2024.
The last time he won the tour was in July 2023 at the Los Cabos, already nine months ago.

However, it was different in the 토토사이트 competition.
It beat strong players such as Alexander Zverev (Germany), ranked fifth in the world, and Jannik Sinner (ranked second, Italy), the champion of this year’s Australian Open, to the finals and finally lifted the trophy.

The Monte Carlo Masters is a competition where Tsitsipas showed strong performance.

men’s tennis Tsitsipas wins again in two years

In 2021, he won the 2022 tournament with a bang, and this time he recaptured the throne again after two years.
After confirming his victory on the day, Tsitsipas lay on the court floor for a while, holding his face as if he had a headache.

“I had a really hard time, and it’s amazing to be able to get back on the podium and win,” he said.
Tsitsipas’ ranking, which fell outside the top 10, is expected to rise to 7th place with this victory.

Ruud defeated Novak Djokovic (1st, Serbia) in the semifinals to become the first Norwegian to beat the world’s No. 1, but failed to continue his momentum to the final.
Ruud is weak in the final round of the big tournament.

Until this day, he has never won a major tournament finals, including three singles finals losses, one ATP Finals final loss, and two Masters 1,000 Series finals.
Meanwhile, defending champion Carlos Alcaras (3rd, Spain) will not be able to challenge for his third consecutive victory in the Barcelona Open, which will begin on April 15, 2024, due to an arm injury.

Alcaras also withdrew from the Monte Carlo Masters.
Rafael Nadal (646th, Spain), who did not play on the court due to hip injury, will return for the first time in three months through the Barcelona Open.

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