“Who will be crowned the king of U12 baseball in Seoul?”

“Who will be crowned the king of U12 baseball in Seoul?”

The Seoul Baseball and Softball Association (President: Kim Yoon-kyu) successfully concluded the ‘2024 Player Village Hospital Long-Term U12 Spring Baseball Tournament’ to determine the strongest U12 baseball team in Seoul.

The tournament, which took place at Guui Baseball Stadium from March 21 (Thursday) to April 5 (Friday), was held as a qualifier for the Heungtaryungi, with 22 teams from around Seoul, and was divided into the ‘Classic League’ (Galsancho, Bongcheoncho, Dogokcho, Yeoksamcho, Bangbaecho, and Hwagokcho) and the ‘Premier League’ (Yeongilcho, Hyoseocho, Dongwoncho, Gildongcho, Gomyeongcho, and Sangilcho), with the winners of each league playing the championship game.

The winner of the Classic League was Galsancho and runner-up Hwagokcho, the winner of the Premier League was Dongwoncho, 바카라사이트 and the runner-up was Sangilcho, and on Friday, April 5, the winners of each league, Galsancho and Dongwoncho, battled it out to win the title of King of Seoul Spring U12 Baseball.

The game was a fiercely contested affair that lived up to its name.

After taking the lead in the top of the first inning, Galsan scored three runs in the first inning, one in the second inning, and two in the third inning to take the early momentum. However, in the top of the sixth inning, Galsan’s late rally turned the tide. The team scored one run in the top of the fifth inning and five runs in the top of the sixth inning through a sophisticated game plan that included concentrated hitting and surprise bunts, resulting in a 9-6 victory. With this victory, Lee Dong-cho firmly defended their title as the defending champions of the tournament.

The MVP of the tournament was Kim Ji-wan (6th grade), the best pitcher was Lee Ye-hoon (6th grade), the best hitter was Oh Seung-hwan (6th grade), and the best thrower was Lee Seung-won (6th grade). The individual prize winners were also awarded KSM Sports’ finest handmade WE gloves, gift certificates for eyeglasses and sports goggles from Apgujeong Irish Optical, Viva Sports baseball equipment, and baseball books.

As the main title sponsor of the tournament,

Yeonsuchon Hospital is an officially designated partner hospital of more than 100 sports clubs and associations, and has been sponsoring the U18 (high school), U15 (secondary), and U12 (elementary) tournaments for its continuous interest and support for youth baseball in Seoul.

Kim Yoon-kyu, president of the Seoul Baseball and Softball Association, said, “We are grateful to Daejeonchon Hospital for their continued support of student baseball in Seoul, especially since the Wangjung Wang Game was held on April 5, Arbor Day. 토토사이트 추천 Like the meaning of Arbor Day, we prepared for the tournament with the idea of planting a tree today to create a lush forest tomorrow. We will do our best to provide nourishment for student athletes in Seoul to grow and play on the domestic professional and world stages,” he said, emphasizing the association’s commitment and the meaning of the tournament.

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