Women’s Volleyball Mega “I’m ‘Indonesia Kim Yeon Kyung’? I can’t believe it”

인도네시아 현지에서 인터뷰하는 메가. /정관장 배구단

Megawati Pertiwi (25-Indonesia-registered name Mega), a former Apojit Spikers player for the Jungkwanjang Women’s Professional Volleyball team, made a strong impression in South Korea last season. Nicknamed “Megatron,” she led the offense (seventh overall in scoring) and spearheaded Jeongwanjang’s breakout season. As a Muslim player, he wore an athletic hijab and put down powerful spikes in every game. She came to Korea to pursue bigger dreams and is now a “role model” for Indonesian girls.

“I didn’t expect people to be so enthusiastic about me, but I’m happy,” Mega said in an interview with the Korea Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Sept. 19 (local time). “I’m grateful and happy, but it also makes me feel more responsible.” The ‘Mega Team’ captain was invited by the Indonesian Sports Funding and Management Agency (LPDUK) under the Ministry of Youth and Sports to play an event match against the Indonesian All-Stars.

Mega’s popularity is skyrocketing in Indonesia. Even though volleyball is not a popular sport in the country, banners with his face are plastered all over the streets and he has modeled for brands. The team she played for has become the “national team. They don’t call him “Indonesia’s Kim Yeon-kyung” for nothing. Thanks to Mega, the country of Korea has become better known.

“I dream of becoming a great professional athlete like Mega,” said Edelbia Anabel Duan, 17, a youth player who met Mega at the training center. “I watched her play in Korea on YouTube and she was so cool. Her technique is really good and she shows a lot of effort in every game. It’s a good motivation for me.” “I can’t believe that I’ve been able to promote Indonesian volleyball abroad and that I’ve increased the popularity of volleyball in Indonesia,” laughed Mega.

“She’s like an idol to me,” he says, “and I can’t believe that it’s been given to me. I can’t believe it’s been given to me. I’m so proud of it.”

In fact, Mega has even kept in touch with Kim Yeon-kyung. “When (Kim) won the MVP award at the All-Star Game in January, I told her that I was going to go and congratulate her, and she said, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,'” he said. For Mega, the 토토 experience was meaningful. As a result, she keeps in touch with Kim through social media. “She’s a really fun sister,” Mega says of Kim, with a big smile on her face.

Kim also cherishes her relationship with Mega. In June, Mega was invited to participate in the “Kim Yeon-kyung (KYK) All-Star Game” at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul. It was a direct invitation to play in the event, which is Kim’s ‘national retirement ceremony’. However, she won’t be able to play because she’ll be playing in the Indonesian league. “I was really happy just to be invited to such an event,” says Mega.

“I want to lead the Indonesian team to the Olympics and be on the big stage,” he says, while emphasizing that on a personal level, “I want to be a legend, I want to be the best in the world.”

Mega hopes to fly even higher in South Korea next season, as she has signed up for the women’s Asian Quarterfinal tryouts in Jeju from April 29 to May 1. This means that she will try to compete in Korea again. There is a high probability that she will re-sign with Jeong Kwan-jang. There are also rumors that other teams are targeting Mega.

When asked about the possibility of rejoining Jung Kwan-jang, Mega smiled broadly and said, “Secret, surprise.”

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