Kang So-hwi “I will definitely get one win” The women’s volleyball team is thirsty for VNL victory

VNL lost 27 times in a row from 2021 to last year and coach was replaced last March “Breathing and mood improve”

Kang So-hwi (Korea Expressway Corporation), outside hitter (left striker) of the Korean women’s volleyball team, strengthened his will to win.

“I will definitely get one win this time.”

On the 1st, So-Hwi Kang attended the national team training held at the gymnasium of Jungang Girls’ High School in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul and joined hands with her teammates.

Kang So-hwi, who finished training, said, “The chemistry between the players is getting better, and the atmosphere is also getting better.”

At the same time, he said about Coach Fernando Morales, who was appointed to the national team last March, “If you are aggressive and make a mistake, you will not be pointed out. However, he tells us that we should not do this if we do not have confidence and make mistakes. “I think he’s kind,” he said.

Coach Morales actively ordered aggressive play from the players that day. In response, Kang So-hwi said, “The team has lost a lot over the past two years. With his confidence greatly reduced, the director told him it was okay and that he should give it a try. “Thanks for your trust, I think I will be able to play more actively this time.”

The national team suffered a severe slump from 2022 to last year, not winning even a single win in the VNL. Including the 3 consecutive losses recorded in 2021, they are mired in a whopping 27 consecutive losses. The national team, thirsty for victory, will leave the country on the 7th and play VNL league matches against Brazil, the United States, Serbia, China, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Thailand from the 14th to the 19th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Kang So-hwi said, “I am grateful for being able to experience this. My experiences at international competitions are of great help to me. “I can try more offensive techniques,” he said. “I will definitely get one win this time.” Currently, (Pyo) Seung-ju and (Park) Jeong-ah are not in good physical condition, but seeing them persevere and work harder, their juniors are following suit. “I am approaching this with the mindset that I will overcome it strongly,” he said emphatically. The national team’s first opponent in the VNL is China. At the Hangzhou Asian Games held last year, they suffered a shutout loss of 0-3 (12-25 21-25 16-25). Kang So-hwi, seeking revenge, said, “I don’t want to show myself attacking without thinking and getting blocked by blocking. He pledged, “I will show aggressive play often.” 고스톱

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