Women’s Volleyball Hyundai E&C-GS Caltex re-signs Moma-Silva

Women’s volleyball’s Hyundai E&C and GS Caltex will continue with foreign players Moma and Silva next season.

The Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) announced on Monday that Hyundai E&C and GS Caltex have re-signed 토토사이트 Moma and Silva.

Moma and Silva will earn a combined salary of 300,000 dollars (approximately 410 million won) next season, including taxes.

After their strong performances last season, Moma and Silva were initially expected to re-sign with their original clubs.

Moma was fourth in scoring (886 points) and third in attacking success rate (44.70%) last season, contributing to Hyundai E&C’s title run. He was also named Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the championship game.

Last season, Silva led the league in points (1005) and offensive success rate (46.80%) with his offensive prowess.

The remaining five clubs will select their new foreign players at the 2024 Foreign Player Tryouts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), which are open to the public.

The Women’s Foreign Player Draft will begin at 8 p.m. ET on September 9th.

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