Gwangju FC, in an empty-handed situation in the transfer market, will soon recruit a new player with Heo Yul converting to centre-back

When ‘center back’ Heo Yul stepped up, he conceded a lot of goals Jeonghyo Lee “I will guide you well to become better.”

Heo Yul of Gwangju FC

Professional soccer K League 1 Gwangju FC is in danger of having to spend this summer’s transfer market ’empty-handed’.

This is because the Korea Professional Football League failed to comply with the newly introduced financial regulations and received ‘conditional approval’ in a short-term budget review early this year.

Accordingly, additional player registration is not possible until the club’s actual income rises to the level stated in the budget. This means that if the financial problem is not resolved, players will not be able to sign in the summer transfer market. 메이저사이트

However, Gwangju is already seeing the same effect as immediately recruiting a strong player even before the additional registration period (June 20 to July 31) begins.

This is thanks to the fact that Heo Yul, who had little contribution as an attacker, is playing a big role after turning into a defender.

Heo Yul, a 193cm tall striker, is a player who graduated from Geumho High School, the club’s youth team, and actually grew up only under the Gwangju system.

Heo Yul, who played in 33 games last season and helped Gwangju take third place, the club’s highest ever ranking, was pushed out of the competition for the starting position this season.

Lee Kun-hee is usually at the forefront of Gwangju.

When coach Lee Jeong-hyo judged that a different type of player other than Lee Kun-hee was needed, he often brought midfielder Jeong Ho-yeon or Choi Kyung-rok to the front instead of Heo Yul.

When a player is needed to lead the aerial battle in the late game, 195cm tall foreign striker Viktol has recently been chosen by coach Lee.

Heo Yul played 13 games this season, 8 of which were as a substitute.

What is noteworthy is that Heo Yul played as a central defender in all five games in which he started. Heo Yul, who made his first start as a defender against Suwon FC on April 27, played an active role as a built-in center back in the last four games.

In the last 4 games in which Heo Yul played as the starting center back, Gwangju achieved 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss, and limited the goals conceded to 3 goals.

In the 1-1 draw against Incheon United and the 2-1 win against FC Seoul, they conceded a goal just before the end of the game, but kept a clean sheet until then, demonstrating their solid defense.

In the home game against Gimcheon Sangmu (2-0 win) on the 15th, the long-awaited goalless victory was achieved.

The secret to Gwangju’s success last season was ‘salty defense.’ He ranked first in fewest goals conceded, giving up only 35 goals in 38 games.

However, this season, their defense collapsed from the beginning and they struggled, including losing 6 games in a row at one point.

Until the 13th round match against Jeonbuk Hyundai on the 19th of last month, Gwangju had conceded 23 goals, the most among the 12 teams. He has given up 23 goals in 13 games, meaning he has conceded close to 2 goals every game.

When starting center back Ahn Young-gyu left the field due to injury in the 33rd minute of the first half of the game against Jeonbuk, which was tied 0-2, coach Lee brought in Popovich, a member of the Australian under-23 national team.

Gwangju, who gave up one more goal early in the second half, suffered a bitter 0-3 defeat at home.

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who visited the press conference after the game, blamed himself and described himself as a ‘fearful person.’ After Ahn Young-gyu got injured, it was a mistake to put in Popovich because they thought they needed to use a player who played professionally as a center back.

Coach Lee regretted that Heo Yul should have been used. 온라인 슬롯

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