Javier Aguirre has criticized Mallorca

Javier Aguirre, 66, ‘Lee Kang-in’s former teacher’, has criticized Mallorca.

Aguirre coached Lee in La Liga Mallorca since 2022. The move to PSG coincided with a decline in Mallorca’s performance. Mallorca finished 15th in La Liga in the 2023-24 season.

Eventually, the club’s hierarchy decided not to extend Aguirre’s expiring contract, a decision that reportedly left him frustrated with the club’s lack of communication.

In an interview with Mexico’s Caliente TV, Aguirre said, “I’m an old man. There are fewer and fewer managers of my generation. If they don’t want to renew my contract, they should have told me in advance. When I saw the name of the next coach of Mallorca in the newspaper, I realized that they didn’t want to renew my contract,” he said, 바카라사이트 adding that he was disappointed with the club.

Aguirre was angry that Mallorca had identified a new coach without informing him of his contract.

Aguirre has been coaching since 1995 and has also managed national teams in Mexico, Japan, and Egypt. He led Mallorca to a Copa del Rey runner-up finish in the 2023-24 season.

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