Kim Seo-hyun is currently with the Futures team

Kim Seo-hyun, 20, a right-handed fireballer prospect for the Hanwha Eagles of the Korean Baseball Organization, is currently with the Futures team. He was removed from the first-team roster on Jan. 1, and it hasn’t been 10 days yet. She can re-register for the roster from the 11th of this month, and on the 8th, she appeared at Hanwha Life Eagles Park for the Daejeon NC game. The Futures did not have a game that day, and Kim was called to Daejeon by new head coach Kim Kyung-moon (66).

Kim Kyung-moon, who took over as Hanwha’s head coach on March 3, had a meeting with the first team squad, but he has yet to meet with the Futures players. 카지노사이트 The Futures didn’t have a game that day, so Kim called Seo-hyun Kim to Daejeon for a meeting.

“I just wanted to see how things were going,” Kim said about why he called Kim Seo-hyun ahead of the NC match against Daejeon on the 9th. I didn’t say much,” but added, ”He’s a very special player. He has a higher level of thinking than any player I’ve ever seen at his age. He’s very intelligent, and he’s doing things that you don’t think about at his age.”

Kim was a little worried that the young player, who is only 20 years old, seemed to have so many thoughts.

“At your age, you should live a simple life. You should run a lot, lift weights, eat well, work out hard, sleep when you’re tired, and keep it simple. You’re not a manager, you don’t need to think too much already,” and urged him to abandon complicated thoughts.

Kim Seo-hyun is a highly touted prospect who was selected by Hanwha with the first overall pick in the first round of last year’s rookie draft. He was highly touted as a youth national team ace while at Seoul High School, 파워볼실시간 and in his first-team debut against Doosan in Daejeon on April 19 last year, he unleashed a 160.1-kilometer-per-hour fastball on Trackman, signaling his arrival as a big fireballer.

He also earned his first save in his debut against Munhwa SSG on May 12, but his pitches faltered a bit after that and he bounced back and forth between the first and second teams. In his first year in the first team, he realized the professional barrier with an ERA of 7.25 in 20 games and one save. In 22 1/3 innings, he struck out 26 batters, but walked 23 and hit seven batters with balls in play.

He got some starting lessons in the Futures League,

But after last year’s Miyazaki Final Camp in Japan, he returned to his preferred bullpen role. He improved his velocity with his arm in spring training in Melbourne, Australia, and Okinawa, Japan. However, in the exhibition games, his desire to improve got the better of him and he lowered his arm height, which caused his pitching balance to waver again.

He made the opening day roster, but didn’t get many opportunities to pitch, even as a reliever. His arm height and pitching form were constantly changing, and he threw with a lower velocity. He has a 2.57 ERA in six games in the big leagues, but he hasn’t been able to solve his control issues, walking nine and striking out one in seven innings. In the Futures League, he is 2-1 with a 6.30 ERA in 10 games (10 innings) with one save.

He has been experiencing extreme growing pains, changing his pitching style on his own. It’s hard not to have mixed feelings about Kim Seo-hyun. The motivation to pitch in the first team, and seeing the younger players, can be too much for a young mind. Coach Kim personally met with Seo-hyun to encourage him. “I’m not talking to you as a manager, but as a baseball senior. Many fans want to see your talent.” He encouraged him and sent him back to Seosan.

Kim was worried that he might be seen as favoring a player, but he wanted to meet Seo-hyun in person when he had the time. His special talent is something that not only Hanwha, but the entire league recognizes. He’s still only 20 years old, and there’s no telling how far he can go. 실시간 바카라사이트 The attention, advice, and affectionate encouragement from “Master” Kim could be a huge boost for a player with low self-esteem.

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