SK ‘playing again’, players motivation is ‘200%’

SK, which had to endure the disappointment of being eliminated from the playoffs in the sixth round last season, has begun its preparations for the upcoming season by holding a training camp.

After a two-month vacation, the team began training at its Yangji practice gym on the 10th.

Now in its third week, the team is running an eight-week program that has become SK’s signature. 스포츠토토 The focus is on fitness and body building.

In week six, the athletes train with weights in the morning and a circuit in the afternoon to strengthen muscles and increase stamina, and in week eight, they add efficiency to their training with track workouts that focus on medium and long distances. This time, another program is added. Skills training will be added. It runs for two weeks, from July 8 to 19. .

The goal is to maintain fitness and avoid injury during the long season, which can be as long as seven months.

Coach Kim explains, “We made a change to the original eight-week program. There were reports of injuries and we wanted to improve individual performance,” says Coach Kim.

At the gym on the afternoon of the 24th, 10 players were participating in the eight-week program, preparing for the upcoming season. Kim Sun-hyung, Choi Won-hyuk, Kim Hyung-bin, and Gomez were among the players participating in the program.

In addition to Choi Boo-kyung and Oh Jae-hyun, Ahn Young-joon and Jang Moon-ho, Oh was included in the rehabilitation group.

Choi and Oh are rehabbing their ankles, while Ahn is rehabbing his knee. Oh is training to get back into shape, while Jang is getting acclimatized after joining the team from Japan.

The afternoon program on the 24th was a full kit training session in the gym. The court was divided into eight areas to strengthen muscles and stamina using equipment.

The intensity was “very high. But the players kept shouting to encourage themselves and their teammates. The training started at 4:00 and lasted two hours. The training will continue in a similar format until July 5.

As mentioned above, they will then run a program that includes track training and skill training, before heading to Goseong, Gangwon Province, for physical fitness training on the 22nd.

From August, the team will play practice matches against university teams at the Yangji Gymnasium to improve their practical skills. They also check their checklist. In early September, the team will train in Japan for about a week. In early October, we will participate in a cup tournament and then start the regular season.

After practice, we interviewed some of the players. They promised a strong will to shake off the disappointment of last season’s quarterfinal exit. The start was ‘sunny’.

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