Confident ‘Mumtee’ and Brion win season two

Brion regained their aggressiveness and took the third set to secure their second win of the season.

From the start of the third set, Brion tried to run an aggressive game plan, led by jungler Sung-hyun “Mumty” Um. After a good laning phase, Brion didn’t hesitate to fight, and all the champions showed their forwardness. Unlike the pick in game two, Guangdong had Jerry in the carry lane alone, and a lot of weight was on the shoulders of Tae-yoon “Tae-yoon” Kim.

With the momentum in his favor, Brion came to a screeching halt in the third dragon kill. Renekton had a good chance to catch up to Guangdong, but his main force was weak and he was countered by Guangdong. Guangdong quickly caught up with the global gold. This was good news for Guangdong, as it gave Jerry a lot of time to grow.

But Guangdong was in a hurry. Deciding to fight in front of the fourth dragon, Guangdong failed to respond to Goku’s initiative and the picture was ruined. Guangdong’s champions were scattered with low health, unable to capitalize on the team combination of Karma-Lulu-Jerry, which is stronger together. Brion looted the Baron buff and took the lead.

Brion used Lilia’s mobility to open up the canyon and continued to limit Guangdong’s movement and visibility. Eventually, 토토사이트 Brion took a dragon-facing kill at 37-minutes and won the third set.

2023 LCK Spring Split Regular Season Day 4 Results

Game 1 Genji 2 vs 0 DRX
Set 1 Genji W vs DRX
Set 2 Genji W vs DRX

Game 2 Brion 2 vs 1 Guangdong Freecs
Set 1 Brion W Vs Guangdong Freecs L
Set 2 Brion L vs Guangdong Freecs W
Set 3 Brion W Vs Guangdong Freaks

2023 LCK Spring Split Regular Season Day 5 Schedule

Game 1 Hanwha Life Esports vs Liv Sandbox – May 22, 3 p.m.
Game 2 KT Rolster vs Nongshim Red Force

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