Taiwan Training to Prepare for Invasion of China From Today. China’s live-fire drill

Taiwan Training to Prepare for Invasion of China From Today…China’s live-fire drill

Large-scale military drills will be held in Taiwan for five days from today (24th) assuming the invasion of Chinese troops.

In response, China has announced live-fire drills in the South China Sea, which is close to Taiwan.

Military tensions are rising again in the Taiwan Strait.

In Taiwan, five days of large-scale military exercises are held in response to Chinese military pressure.

It is the 39th annual military drill held this year under the name of Hankwang Training.

A large-scale army, navy, and air force will be deployed to check the combat readiness in this exercise to prevent Chinese landing operations.

“We have been training to stop landing and prevent anti-aircraft landings, and we plan to conduct actual training on the 27th at the Sudanese River, Bari Beach, and Taipei Port.”

It also conducts preparatory training to use civilian airports for military purposes in case of an emergency.

<China TVBS Report> “For the first time, the Taiwan Air Force mobilized a private Taitung Airport airfield to check the capabilities of the reserve support airfield, and installed a command post and maintenance area at the end of the runway to refuel and launch fighter jets.”

During the training period, large-scale evacuation drills such as civil defense drills will also be conducted, and the number of training areas has been greatly expanded from only three until last year to 22.

As a result, China raised military tension by announcing that it would conduct live-fire drills in the South China Sea on the first day of the Han Kwang exercise.

The area that heralded the drill is only 300 kilometers from Taiwan’s west coast, and it said it would ban ships from entering the area.


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