Changwon LG, Changwon Education Support Agency sign business agreement

The Changwon LG Cakers signed a mutual cooperation agreement with the Changwon Education Support Agency (Superintendent Oh Kyung-moon) on June 6 to expand support for career experience activities in elementary, middle, and high schools and to prevent school violence.

LG will support programs such as basketball tournaments, career experience activities, and free semester experience activities conducted by the 토토 Changwon Education Support Agency, and expand opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students to experience professional games.

“We are pleased to sign a business agreement with the LG Sakers, and we will promote various cooperative projects with the LG Sakers to expand the base of basketball in Changwon Special City and students who love basketball,” said Oh Kyung-moon, superintendent of Changwon Education Support Agency. “Through this agreement, we will maximize support for students to grow up healthy through programs such as career experience activities for elementary, middle and high schools and free semester experience activities for middle schools. In addition, we will strive to achieve good results this season based on the support of Changwon Education Support Agency and elementary, middle, and high school students.”

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