North and South Korea, enemies for five years, meet twice at Hangzhou AG

On opening day, two North-South duels tied 1-1
Lim Ae-ji dueled North Korean rider Bang Chul-mi in the opening ceremony the day before.
Judo’s An Paul faces Lee Geum-sung in round of 16, first North-South encounter

North and South Korea faced off twice in one day. 카지노사이트랭크 At the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, the two Koreas clashed in the ring and on the mat.

It was the first time the two Koreas had faced each other as international opponents in five years, after fielding a single team at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games.

Lim Ae-ji, 24

Of Hwasun County, South Korea, locked fists with Bang Chol-mi of North Korea in the first round of the

women’s boxing 50-54 kilogram category at Hangzhou Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China, on Thursday. The bout was the second round of the inter-Korean competition.

North Korean women’s boxing sensation Bang Chol-mi was on the roster, and an hour before the fight,

North Korean reporters with cameras showed up at the stadium. After arriving at the stadium, they

discussed “where to go,” and were led by tournament officials to the press box.

Choe Cheol-min

Was also scheduled to compete against Japan’s Yuta Akiyama, but he appeared to be there to take

pictures of Bang Chol-mi. Bang Chol-mi is a well-known figure in North Korea, having been named the

country’s top 10 athlete in 2018, 2021 and 2022. The day before, she also served as the opening ceremony flag bearer.

Even before the game started, 10 North Korean cheerleaders were sitting and watching the game. As the

game started, they watched and chatted intently. One of them took a camera and filmed the entire game.

When it was time for the North Korean team to play, they removed their masks and put them in their

pockets. When Bang Chol-mi entered, they stood and clapped. When Lim Ae-ji entered, they stopped

clapping and looked over at the South Korean supporters, who were cheering and waving the Korean flag not far away.

As the referee started the game, 온라인섯다 the North Korean supporters chanted “Good job” and

cheered after every successful attack. As the South Korean cheerleaders chanted “Go,” the North Korean

cheerleaders chanted “Good job” over and over again.

The level of cheering increased, and two high-ranking North Koreans carried on a conversation as they watched the match.

In the end, after three rounds, Bang Chul-mi laughed at the 5-0 decision.

After the match, Lim Ae-ji said, “I felt like I needed to practice a lot physically,” and said, “I will make up for it physically and technically.”

As Lim was being interviewed in the mixed zone after the match, Bang Chul-mi quickly ran past her.

“Training, training,”

Bang Chol-mi said, as she rolled her fist in the air and walked away. The North Korean coach urged him on, saying, “We have to go to the next game.”

Earlier in the day, An Paul faced North Korea’s Ri Keum Sung in the round of 16 in the men’s 66-kilogram freestyle at the Games at the Xiaoshan Linfu Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China.

It was the first inter-Korean matchup at the Games, which opened the previous day.

North Korean

Officials were in the stands to watch the match. Nine North Korean cheerleaders, dressed in matching red T-shirts, sat side by side in the stands. They unfurled large artificial flags and waved white pom-poms to cheer on the North Korean players.

When North Korea’s Chae Kwang Jin won his round of 32 match, they jumped out of their seats, waving, screaming, and celebrating.

As the first North-South match of the tournament, between South Korea’s An Paul and North Korea’s Ri Keum Sung, went into overtime, the North Korean supporters chanted “Ri Keum Sung, Ri Keum Sung” to give her a boost.

However, she was unable to overcome An Paul, and the match ended in An Paul’s favor.

The two shook hands briefly and turned away.

After the match, Anbaul said of the first North-South clash of the tournament, “I tried to play without thinking about it. I didn’t think about playing against a player from any country.”

Ri did not respond to interview requests from reporters. 고스톱

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