Chung apologizes on SNS for his carelessness in a ‘early hurrah’ reversal.

Through’s ‘early hurrah’ reversal‥”I was careless,” Chung apologizes again on SNS

National roller skater Chung Chul-won, who lost his gold medal after performing a winning gesture at the finish line, has apologized.

“In the final of the 3000m team event at the Asian Games, I was right in front of the finish line, and I did a ceremony without giving my best until the end,” Chung wrote on his social media, “and I’m sorry.”

“I sincerely apologize to the athletes I competed with and to the many people who supported the national team,” he wrote, noting that it was a “frivolous behavior that should not be done as an athlete.”

“As a player representing my country, I sincerely regret and reflect on my actions that did not give my best until the end,” Chung said, adding, “As a player representing my country, I will always strive to give my best until the end.”

Chung had earlier missed out on gold in the men’s roller skating 3000-meter relay final at the Hangzhou Asian Games at the Qiantang Rollersports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China on Feb. 2.

As the last runner for the leading South Korean team 먹튀검증토토사이트 raised his arms in anticipation of a gold medal, a Taiwanese athlete behind him stuck out his left foot and crossed the finish line first.

South Korea finished second, just 0.01 seconds behind Taiwan.

Chung apologized to his teammates for his mistake and repeatedly bowed his head in an apology after returning home.

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