known as the ‘Team Bronze’, expressed disappointment

The soft tennis team, known as the ‘Team Bronze’, expressed disappointment with the timing of the appointment of their successor coach.

The Korean softball team has won bronze medals at the Asian Games after losing to Japan in both the women’s and men’s team events.

Korea lost to Japan 0-2 in the women’s team event at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, and then lost to Japan by the same score in the men’s team event to take home bronze medals side by side.

After the match, men’s team captain Lee Hyun-soo was interviewed in the joint press area and said, “The Soft Tennis Association’s decision to change the head coach immediately after the tournament before the Asian Games lowered the morale of the team.” He also expressed his disappointment with the timing and process of the coach selection, saying, “It was a situation where the coach was changed even after winning gold in all sports.”

The Soft Tennis Association posted an announcement for a new coach to lead the national team starting in November, shortly after the Asian Games ended in August, 온라인카지노 and had already selected a coach by the time the interviews were held on March 22, the day before the tournament opened.

“We were concerned that there would be a gap in the national team’s training after the Asian Games, so we posted the job announcement early,” an official from the association told MBC.

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