Chungcheongbuk-do Governor Kim Young-hwan will try to placate the people of Jecheon who are reacting to the cancellation of the gymnastics event at the 2027 World University Games in the Chungcheongbuk-do region. According to Chungbuk Provincial Office on the 3rd, Governor Kim Young-hwan will visit Jecheon City on the 5th and hold a policy meeting with Jecheon Mayor Kim Chang-kyu, Chungbuk Provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism Director Kim Hee-sik, and officials from both local governments. Previously, Jecheon, which has an unemployed gymnastics team, proposed to Chungbuk Province to build a multi-purpose gymnasium to be used as a stadium along with hosting gymnastics events at the Summer U Games, but the province recently confirmed the final location as Seokso-dong, Gangnae-myeon, Cheongju. According to the FISU (International University Sports Federation), stadiums must be located within a 50-kilometer radius of athletes’ accommodation, which Jecheon does not meet, making it difficult to accommodate the request, according to the province. However, the Jecheon Sports Federation and other organizations have decided to organize a large-scale rally in front of the provincial government office, but have since withdrawn. This is because Chungbuk-do has conveyed its stance that it will review the construction of sports infrastructure prospectively .Since this is the first official meeting between the two organizations, attention is focused on what results will come out of this policy meeting. First of all, it is reported that an agreement has been reached to expand physical education facilities, including the construction of a new indoor gymnasium in Jecheon .Jecheon City has been promoting a project to build a new gym next to the aging Jecheon Gymnasium, but has repeatedly failed to pass the central investment review. It is analyzed that the unconfirmed support of 20 billion won in provincial funds out of the total project cost of 47 billion won had a partial impact on the review. Therefore, there is an observation that Governor Kim will reveal a plan to support the development of sports and infrastructure construction in Jecheon through the policy meeting .An official from Chungbuk-do said, “Various plans are being considered, such as building the new Jecheon Gymnasium with only local funds without national funds.” “We will actively 안전놀이터 cooperate for the mutual development of Chungbuk-do and Jecheon City.”

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