Hyundai E&C succeeds in blockading Silva…”Adjustment of blocking positions was effective”

After defeating GS Caltex to stay in second place, Hyundai E&C head coach Kang Sung-hyung credited the team’s effective blocking of foreign player Giselle Silva (registered name Silva) for the victory.

“Realistically, I thought it would be difficult to reduce her attack success rate below 50 percent,” said Kang Sung-hyung after the team’s 3-1 home win over GS Caltex in the 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Volleyball League at Suwon Gymnasium on April 26. “We had been adjusting our blocking positions for a few days beforehand to try to block her as much as possible, and it worked.”

Silva is the league’s top player this season, leading the women’s professional volleyball team in points (313), attack percentage (45.47%) and serving (0.326 service aces per set).

GS Caltex remains in third place thanks to Silva’s performance.

Second-place Hyundai E&C was one point behind GS Caltex before today’s match and would have lost the second spot had they lost this match.

However, Hyundai E&C succeeded in keeping Silva at bay and remained in second place.

Silva scored 18 points, the most of any GS Caltex player, but shot just 30.19% from the field.

Leading the way in shutting down Silva was Hyundai E&C foreign player Moma Vasoko Leticia (registered name Moma).

She had four blocks on the day, all of which came against Silva.

Moma played for GS Caltex until last season, when she switched to a HMC jersey after the team failed to re-sign her. This made the match even more meaningful.

Moreover, HMC lost the first round match against GS Caltex with a set score of 0-3.

“The memory of losing the first round match carried over to the middle of the first set today, so we struggled a bit, but many players played evenly and shook the opponent’s defense, so we got a good result,” said coach Kang Sung-hyun. 파워볼

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