KBO will hold its first umpire committee winter training

KBO will hold its first umpire committee winter training from April 4-8 at Doosan Bears Bears Park in Icheon, South Korea.

The training will focus on adapting to the new pitch clock and ABS operations that will be introduced in the 2024 KBO League.

The pitch clock adaptation training will include situational timer measurement and real-time umpire communication training. In the case of ABS training, we will be adapting radios and earphones and familiarizing ourselves with what to do in case of an error. Considering the characteristics of both systems, which use electronic equipment, simulations will be conducted as if they were actual games to prevent delays in games due to equipment problems and communication errors.

KBO will continue to check the system to ensure that the new systems, such as Pitch Clock and ABS, 먹튀검증 are well established in the league.

On October 19,

The KBO held its fourth board meeting and decided to introduce ABS and Pitch Clock for the 2024 season. KBO ABS system has been piloted in the Futures League for the past four years, starting in 2020, and the system has been upgraded. The KBO said, “It has achieved results such as improving the accuracy and consistency of ball and strike judgments and reducing the time it takes for the results to reach the umpires.

Along with ABS, PitchClock, which is scheduled to be introduced in the 2024 season, was also used this season to comprehensively analyze changes in game duration, changes in game indicators such as stolen bases, and spectator satisfaction in the Major Leagues. We also analyzed the average pitching interval of all pitchers in the KBO, as well as detailed indicators such as the average number of blocking attempts and when a batter is ready to hit,” explains the background of the introduction.

However, ABS is a completely new system that has not yet been adopted by Major League Baseball or Nippon Professional Baseball, so initial confusion is inevitable.

“I’m actually very worried,”

Heo said in an interview with reporters at the ‘2023 Professional Baseball Sports Seoul Year of the Year Award’ ceremony held at the Elena Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul last month, “but I’ve been having meetings with ABS and PitchClock. Fans should understand why we are introducing ABS,” he said.

“There are a lot of complaints from players, clubs, umpires, and fans alike,” he said, adding, “Some umpires feel so much pressure that they can’t do it anymore.” The KBO hopes that the introduction of ABS will reduce controversy over ball judgment.

“It’s not 100% perfect yet, but we’re doing our best to prepare,” said Heo. Of course, 토토사이트 we will do our best to ensure that there are no problems, but there may be some noise at the beginning. We hope the fans will understand and pull together as one,” he said.

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