“they were and are always in my heart”

Hulk Foundation Chairman Lee Man-soo, an original member of the Samsung Lions and a perennial favorite, cheered on his team, saying, “The experience of playing for the Samsung Lions as a young man is still the most colorful memory of my life that I will never forget.”

“The Samsung Lions have always been close to my heart, then and now,” Lee wrote on his Instagram account on Thursday. Although I am no longer on the field, I would like to ask all the fans for their support and love so that the Samsung Lions can rise even higher as the most prestigious team in Korea. I will cheer them on,” he said.

He added, “That’s how you love me and how you don’t forget me. I’ve always said that when you get older, you live for the memories. I will never forget the Samsung Lions when I was young and shining with my seniors and juniors. I will always support the Samsung Lions,” he added.

After Laos and Vietnam, Mansoo Lee is committed to donating baseball talent to Cambodia.

“I have experienced over the past 10 years that it is not easy to spread baseball in a foreign country, so I am preparing more delicately and in a multifaceted way,” he said.

“I will play harder in the Indochina Peninsula, a baseball barren area, with all of you who love and support me. Of course, the environment is always poor and unfavorable, but I will run with the spirit of ‘Never ever give up’, which is my life philosophy. I look forward to more attention and support.”

Finally, he said, “I hope and expect that the Samsung Lions of 2024 will make great plays and play great games. I will continue to support the Samsung Lions with all of you,” he concluded.

Lee joined Samsung in 1982, the first year of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), and played in 1449 games for the first team, batting .296 with 252 home runs, 온라인카지노 860 RBIs, 624 runs scored and 52 stolen bases in 4310 at-bats (1276 hits).

He was named the 1983 regular season MVP and won the Triple Crown the following year,

Leading the league in hits, home runs, and RBIs. He also won the Golden Glove for catcher for five consecutive years, starting in 1983.

After retiring in 1997, Lee crossed the Pacific Ocean to study advanced baseball, starting as a bullpen catcher for the Chicago White Sox, where his affability and integrity earned him a promotion to bullpen coach and a championship ring as the team won the World Series in 2005. In 2007, he returned to South Korea to serve as the SK Wyverns’ head coach and secondary manager before rising to the position of first team manager.

Since stepping down as a manager, Lee has been working to bring the game of baseball to countries such as Laos, which is often referred to as the “baseball barrens”. Last year, he was honored as one of the 40 legends selected to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the KBO League.

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