“I want to finalize it quickly”.

“I want to finalize it quickly”.

After signing Kim Jae-yoon (4 years, maximum total of 5.8 billion won) and Lim Chang-min (2 years, 800 million won) in the external free agent market, Samsung has begun its “internal crackdown” in earnest. There are three other Samsung players who were eligible for free agency after last season: Oh Seung-hwan, Kim Dae-woo (pitcher), and Kang Kang-ul (infielder).

Samsung, which has a policy of retaining all internal free agents, succeeded in retaining Kim Dae-woo on Aug. 8. The contract is for two years and a maximum total of 400 million won (100 million won down payment, 200 million won annual salary, 100 million won option).

After graduating from Seoul High and Hongik University

Kim began his professional career with Nexen in 2011 before moving to Samsung in a one-for-one trade for Chae Tae-in in March 2016. 토토사이트 In 352 career appearances in the first team through last year, Kim compiled a 27-26 record with two saves and 23 holds for a 5.75 ERA. He is often referred to as an “unsung hero” who takes care of the dirty work on the mound between starts.

“As an underhanded pitcher, Dae-woo is expected to add diversity to our existing pitching staff and provide all-around performance in both the starting and middle relief roles,” the club said.

After signing the contract, Kim Dae-woo said, “I’m happy to be able to play baseball with the Samsung Lions fans cheering for me once again. I want to take responsibility as a veteran player and show the fans better results and good performances than before.”

All that remains is for Oh Seung-hwan and Kang Kang-ul. Samsung has continued to negotiate with the players, narrowing down their differences.

With 400 career saves, Oh Seung-hwan is one of the best closers in the KBO.

Kang Min-ho appeared on the YouTube channel “Kim Tae-gyun [TK52],” run by KBSN sports commentator Kim Tae-gyun, and said, “(Seung-hwan) can continue to play (from the sidelines). It’s really strange that he was said to be very poor last year, but he made 30 saves.”

Kang Min-ho praised Oh Seung-hwan’s thorough self-management. “He’s very good at managing himself. He exercises a lot and is naturally athletic. “When you play catcher, you feel that pitchers get weaker as they get older, but Seung-hwan is still the same,” he said.

Kang, who has played 829 games in the first team, batting .266 with 574 hits, two home runs, 158 RBIs, 275 runs scored and 43 stolen bases, is a player who can play all positions in the infield and is needed to strengthen the depth.

Manager Lee Jong-yeol said, “We want to finalize the deal quickly, and we are narrowing down our opinions with the two players. It’s not just a matter of money, but there are many things that need to be resolved, 토토사이트 순위 but I see it positively,” he said, expressing confidence. He also said, “I think Oh Seung-hwan and Kang Kang-ul will do well. I hope to see results soon.”

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