Lee Chan-jun Challenges to Become ‘Youngest Champion’

Lee Chan-jun Challenges to Become ‘Youngest Champion’… Super Race 4-5 Day Double Round

7 rounds in 4 days, 8 rounds in 5 days… Lee Chan-jun needs to secure just 33 points to be confirmed as the champion.

Lee Chan-jun

Driver born in 2002′ Lee Chan-jun (Ecsta Racing) will challenge to become the youngest champion ever in the 2023 CJ Logistics Super Race Super 6000 class, the best motorsports stage in Korea.

This year’s Super Race will conclude the season with the final 7th to 8th rounds to be held on the 4th to 5th at Everland Speedway in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.

Fans’ attention is focused on whether the youngest ever champion of the ‘Super 600 class’,

the highest class in Super Race, will be born. 카지노사이트

Until the 6th round, Chan-Jun Lee has accumulated 113 driver ranking points based on his 3 wins, and is leading the way,

beating 2nd place Jae-Hyun Kim (Nexen-Bolgas Motorsports, 85 points) by 28 points.

The fact, he has surpassed the 8th division level of becoming the season’s champion,

but he must not let down his guard.

The Race

In a race, there is always the risk of having to retire due to an unexpected accident and not being able to accumulate points.

In order for Lee Chan-jun to become the season champion,

he needs to win one of the two remaining races or secure at least 33 points in the two races combined.

Kim Jae-hyun, who is ranked second in ranking points,

must win all of the remaining two races to secure the maximum ranking point of 145 points (maximum points per round of 30 points) and then hope for Chan-jun Lee’s ‘mistake’.

If Lee Chan-jun, who is 21 years old, becomes the ‘Driver Champion’ this season,

he will rewrite the record of the youngest winner in the Super 6000 class (27 years old)

that Kim Jong-gyeom (Atras BX Motorsports) set when he became the champion in 2018.

Chanjun Lee’s stumbling block ahead of the 7th to 8th rounds is the hand cap weight.

Lee Chan-jun, who earned his third win of the season in the 6th round,

must race in the 7th round with a whopping 100kg of handicap weight loaded on the car.

For this reason, Chan-Jun Lee’s strategy is to reduce the handicap weight in the 8th round

and compete in the final match instead of racing too hard in the 7th round.

After Lee Chan-jun won the 6th round, he said, “I will reduce the weight in the 7th round and fight in the 8th round.”

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