Spanish Women’s Soccer Player Fails to Join Century Club

Spanish Women’s Soccer Player Fails to Join Century Club Due to ‘Computer Esrror’

An absurd incident occurred when a veteran defender of the Spanish women’s national soccer team had to postpone joining ‘Century Club’ due to a computer error.

Spanish National Team

On the 1st (Korean time), the fourth round match of the 2023-2024 UEFA Women’s Nations League (UWNL) group stage between Switzerland and Spain was held in Zurich, Switzerland.

The match was also expected to be an auspicious occasion for Irene Paredes,

a key defender of the Spanish national team who had previously played in 99 international matches,

to join the Century Club.

However, Paredes did not play in the game that day.

His name was not on the starting list or the substitute list. 온라인카지노

At the post-game press conference, Spanish coach Montserrat Tomé explained,

“I heard there was a computer problem.

We had to adapt to that situation.

We had no choice but to play with the starting 11 you saw.”

Irene Paredes

In the previous game against Italy, Paredes was unable to play due to an injury,

and this was reflected in the roster for the game against Switzerland,

meaning that Paredes was unable to play.

Paredes is one of the faces of Spanish women’s soccer.

She also contributed to Spain’s victory at the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup.

Even without Paredes, Spain defeated Switzerland 7-1.

Alexis Puteas, the current Spanish national team player with the most international matches,

led the way to victory by scoring multiple goals.

Aitana Bonmatti, who won the Ballon d’Or the day before, also started and contributed to the victory.

With this victory, Spain further solidified its first place in Group 4 of the UWNL A League.

The possibility of advancing to the semifinals of the tournament to determine the winner has increased.

Montserrat Tomme coach, who took over after former coach Jorge Bilda after the forced kiss incident,

said, “I’m happy that we won with Hermoso’s goal.

It made everyone happy.

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