“I think LG didn’t win because of Shin Min-jae.”

“I think LG didn’t win because of Shin Min-jae.”

For KT Wiz head coach Lee Kang-cheol, the 2023 season is bound to be a disappointment. The team pulled off a regular-season miracle, finishing second from last. In return, he secured a new contract with Daewoo. There was only one mission left: win the Korean Series.

They took Game 1. They took the first game and led early in the second. But a shocking home run by Park Dong-won in Game 2 turned the tide, and they lost a close Game 3, breaking LG’s 29-year monopoly.

KT and manager Lee forgot about the pain of the 2023 season and made a strong start to win the 2024 season. Lee is currently in spring training in Gijang, Busan, where he hopes to win a second title.

As we talked about various things, the topic of the last Korean Series naturally came up. He was talking about KT’s batting lineup, 바카라사이트 and he used the example of the winner, LG, which is interesting.

He said, “We lost to LG because of this player.” Who? Was it Oh Ji-hwan, who won MVP with three home runs, Kim Hyun-soo, a “hitting machine,” or Park Dong-won, who hit the decisive home run?

The name that came out of Lee’s mouth was Shin Min-jae.

After playing as a backup and pinch-hitter, Shin Min-jae was suddenly promoted to the starting second baseman by coach Yoon Kyung-yup during the last season. I thought he was only fast on his feet, but when he played as a starter, he batted well and performed well, and his defense, which was a weakness, was not a big problem.

Lee said, “LG has a batting lineup that can’t take a break when Shin Min-jae comes in. When Shin Min-jae is out, the battery is constantly worried about stolen bases, and the top of the batting order gets chances. I think LG won because of Shin Min-jae. Of course, the bullpen did a great job, but we lost too many games in the regular season because of Shin Min-jae. We lost a lot of games in the regular season because of Shin Min-jae, both offensively and defensively.”

Lee also took a cue from Shin in the batting order for the 2024 season. He plans to move Kim Sang-soo, who usually bats first, 토토사이트 추천 down to the ninth spot. He hopes to save Kim’s stamina, which is crucial for his defense at shortstop, and to use him as a link in the batting order to create opportunities for the top of the order. The No. 1 spot will go to Bae Jae-dae, who had a tremendous performance as the top hitter in the Korean Series.

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