Kim Jae-ho is at odds with his club

Kim Jae-ho (39, Dusan), who was hailed as a rejuvenation icon last year, is at odds with his club over his contract for the 2024 season. At 39 years old, Kim Jae-ho wants to be rewarded for fulfilling his dream of extending his career.

“Infielder Kim Jae-ho will continue to negotiate as an unsigned player,” the Doosan Bears said on Feb. 2, announcing the departure of the Futures League team for spring training in Miyakojima, Japan, on Feb. 5. Kim Jae-ho, who successfully extended his contract, was not named to the spring training roster due to difficulties in salary negotiations.

Doosan classified Kim Jae-ho, who has rebounded from his slump, as an eligible player for the 2024 season and proceeded with salary negotiations. Manager Lee Seung-yeop also included Kim Jae-ho in his shortstop plan for the new season, saying, “Since Kim Jae-ho is a veteran, we decided to have him join the second team camp with the intention of slowly increasing his pace. In fact, it’s not really a second team camp, but rather a way to get him up to speed with the younger players. We are fully aware of Kim Jae-ho’s capabilities.”

However, Doosan and Kim Jae-ho were unable to resolve their differences by the second day of the second team camp. Doosan, 토토사이트 which had completed salary negotiations with all of its re-signees except Kim Jae-ho, was unable to announce a contract for the new season because of Kim Jae-ho, and when negotiations broke down on the second day, the team officially announced that Kim Jae-ho had not signed a contract. As a result, Kim was unable to join either the first or second team camps.

In January 2021,

Kim signed a second free agent contract with Doosan for three years and 2.5 billion won. His first two years were disappointing. After batting 2-for-9 in 89 games in his first year, he struggled in 2022, batting 2-for-1 in 102 games, and was plagued by a “gambling” controversy. His two-year slump of 2-for-1 and 2-for-2, more than half of his contract, was a blow to the ego of a talented shortstop.

Kim prepared harder than anyone else for the 2023 season, which could be the last of his career. It started with spring training in Australia. He stood in the first row during warm-ups, chanting his battle cry, and put his body on the line during fielding drills, just like the young prodigy shortstop did in the past. Kim Jae-ho sweated thick beads of sweat to turn the boos of the past two years into applause.

If he was intelligent, he was Gamcheon. Kim Jae-ho rejuvenated last year, batting .748 with three doubles, three home runs and 29 RBIs in 91 games, leading Doosan to its first fall comeback in two years. The 38-year-old showed off his rusty contact ability along with solid defense, ranking third on the team behind Yang (3-for-5) and Jung (2-for-8). This was on par with her career-high 2018 (3-for-1, 16 homers).

Based on his first two years of free agency, it seemed likely that Kim would retire after the 2023 season.

He even hinted at the end of his career at the retirement ceremony for his junior Oh Jae-won, saying, “I’m not far behind.” However, he rebounded in the final year of his contract and realized his dream of extending his career. In the meantime, rookies like Ahn Jae-seok, Lee Yoo-chan, Jeon Min-jae, and Park Kye-beom have tried to take over the shortstop position, but none of them have been able to match Kim Jae-ho.

Kim Jae-ho’s salary last season was 500 million won. There is no specific reason for the breakdown in negotiations. Doosan reportedly offered a reduced salary for the new season, and Kim Jae-ho was not satisfied with the final offer and the contract fell through.

Kim Jae-ho is 39 years old, but he is still a key part of Doosan’s shortstop plan. The post Ahn Jae-seok, the man who stole the spotlight from Kim Jae-ho, chose to enter active duty last month, leaving the team with the task of finding another successor. 토토사이트 순위 Doosan still needs Kim Jae-ho, and manager Lee Seung-yeop has cited his presence as an essential condition for a smooth transition. That’s why it’s imperative that Jae-ho’s contract negotiations are finalized as soon as possible.

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