“Ichiro” came here. I finally met Lee Junghoo

San Francisco Giants outfielder Lee Jung-hoo started as the first center fielder in an away game against the Seattle Mariners at Peoria Sports Complex in Peoria, Arizona on the 11th (Korea 안전놀이터).

On the day, San Francisco ran a split squad at home and away games. It is an hour’s drive from Scottsdale, where the Giants are located, to Peoria, the away game. Nevertheless, Lee chose to play an away game on the day.

There was a reason. It was to meet Ichiro Suzuki, who serves as a special aide to the opposing team’s owner in Seattle.

The meeting took place in the clubhouse manager’s office of the away team in the game. Bob Melvin, who was with Ichiro when he was the Seattle manager, specially arranged the meeting between the two.

“It was worth the visit (to this far),” Lee said after the match. “Thanks to the coach, I was able to have a good opportunity. It was a good time,” he said.

Previously, he said, “Ichiro was the first player I saw when I switched to left-handed batter,” adding, “Ichiro’s decision to choose No. 51 was also attributable to him. He was actually an idol when he was young.

How did you feel about meeting your idol in person? “Aura was different,” he said, expressing his impression of Ichiro. “I’m taller and bigger, but I was charismatic,” he said. “Even with a small physique, he was charismatic.”

What advice did Ichiro give to his junior who entered the big league for the first time after playing 19 seasons in the Major League and making 10 All-Star, 10 Gold Gloves, 10 Gold Gloves, 3 Silver Slugger and 2 Hit King?

Lee Jung-hoo revealed the most memorable advice, saying, “As Asia has its own culture, I hope you can continue to use that culture as an advantage here.”

It was a short meeting before the game, but it was meaningful enough for him.

One unfortunate fact is that there are not many opportunities to meet like this. San Francisco was the only away game against Seattle, and there are not many opportunities for the two teams to meet in different leagues during the season. The two teams will have a series in Seattle from August 23rd to 25th, local time.

Nevertheless, it is good that they met first, and that they have Melvin. Lee Jung-hoo said, “The coach told me to see you again when I have time like this. If I meet Seattle after playing well in the season, I think I should take a look at it then. Ichiro also said, “I will keep watching you. Work hard.” I think I should work hard,” signaling that he is looking forward to the moment when we meet again.

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